Filenames for BF4 maps

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Filenames for BF4 maps

Post by Meowsers » Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:26 am


I've been trying to set up a server for me and some friends to play in, but I'm having some difficulties figuring out how to set the maps and modes for gameplay. I know you're supposed to use the /admin/maplist.txt file to change them and there are already a couple in there, but few of the filenames seem to match with the names of maps I know of.

Like for example, I can tell that "Levels/MP/MP_Flooded/MP_Flooded ConquestLarge0 1" is Flood Zone and that "Levels/MP/MP_Prison/MP_Prison ConquestLarge0 1" is probably Operation Locker, but many of the other names make little sense to me.

So what I'd like to ask is if anyone knows what all the maps/filenames are, and how do I change them to squad deathmatch?

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Re: Filenames for BF4 maps

Post by [gs] GGemini » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:54 pm

You can make Game Mode and Map edits via the MapList.txt file by navigating to the Member Area @ -> Config -> MapList.txt

Base game modes:
These are the different game modes which are available for the Battlefield 4 PC base game maps.
Engine name Human-readable name Intended player count + Commanders + (Spectators)

ConquestLarge0 Conquest Up to 64 + 2 + (4)
ConquestSmall0 Conquest Up to 32 + 2 + (4)
Domination0 Domination Up to 20 + (4)
Elimination0 Defuse Up to 10 + (4)
Obliteration Obliteration Up to 32 + 2 + (4)
RushLarge0 Rush Up to 32 + 2 + (4)
SquadDeathMatch0 Squad Deathmatch Up to 20 + (4)
TeamDeathMatch0 Team Deathmatch Up to 20 + (4)
SquadObliteration0 Squad Obliteration* Up to 10 + (4)
GunMaster0 Gun Master Up to 20 + (4)

Admin/MapList.txt format

Each line in the file has three entries: the map name, the game mode, and the number of rounds to be played on the map until proceeding to the next map in the list.

Example MapList.txt:
Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval Obliteration 1
XP1/Levels/XP1_001/XP1_001 AirSuperiority0 1
XP1/Levels/XP1_002/XP1_002 Obliteration 1
XP0/Levels/MP_007/XP0_Caspian CaptureTheFlag0 1
XP2/Levels/XP2_001/XP2_001 CarrierAssaultLarge0 1
XP2/Levels/XP2_003/XP2_003 CarrierAssaultSmall0 1

The following will release an available page for proper documentation regarding all commands for Battlefield 4: ... erver-Docs

MP_Abandoned = Zavod 311
MP_Damage = Lancang Dam
MP_Flooded = Flood Zone
MP_Journey = Golmud Railway
MP_Naval = Paracel Storm
MP_Prison = Operation Locker
MP_Resort = Hainan Resort
MP_Siege = Siege of Shanghai
MP_TheDish = Rogue Transmission
MP_Tremors = Dawnbreaker

XP1_001 = Silk Road
XP1_002 = Altai Range
XP1_003 = Guilin Peaks
XP1_004 = Dragon Pass

XP0_Metro = Metro
XP0_Firestorm = Operation Firestorm
XP0_Caspian = Caspian Border
XP0_Oman = Gulf of Oman

XP2_001 = Lost Islands
XP2_002 = Nansha Strike
XP2_003 = Wave Breaker
XP2_004 = Operation Mortar

XP3_MarketPl = Pearl Market
XP3_Prpganda = Propaganda
XP3_UrbanGdn = Lumphini Garden
XP3_WtrFront = Sunken Dragon


XP7_Valley = Dragon Valley

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Re: Filenames for BF4 maps

Post by Meowsers » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:31 am

That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!

Hold on, though. In your example for Caspian Border you wrote it as MP_007, but below that it's XP0_Caspian. Which one is correct, or will both work?

Also, do you need to write the expansion-numbers before levels for the non-standard maps?

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Re: Filenames for BF4 maps

Post by Dfhenriksen » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:46 pm

how do i control my server when playing? Changing maps and so on..

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