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[GameServers.com] Official Status/FAQ **UPDATED 9/14/11*

Post by [gs] quon » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:09 pm


A patch is scheduled for release at approximately 7:15 pm est. Please expect your servers to restart in order to facilitate the changes.

***The patch installation process is now complete.***


A maintenance patch is scheduled for release in a few hours. Servers will be restarted at approximately 12 midnight est on 8/30/2011.

***The patch installation process is now complete.***


The 1.13 patch has been applied to all servers. Again, patch notes can be found here:

http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 1&t=313146


COD:Black Ops patch 1.12 is set to be deployed at 7:00 pm EST. The process may take as long as two hours to complete. Servers will be restarted once the update is applied.


The 1.11 patch for Blackops will be starting to roll out at 7:00pm EST. This process may take up to two hours to complete as we roll through all of the servers.


The 1.10 patch for Blackops will be starting to roll out at 7:30pm EST. This process may take up to two hours to complete as we roll through all of the servers.

Release notes for the patch can be found here:
http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 1&t=313146


Black Ops mod tools have been released.

You will be able to see the FTP information needed to upload mods to unranked server from within your my.gameservers.com control panel.


A Black Ops maintenance patch is being deployed tonight (6/13/2011) at 8:00 pm EST. The patch is a server side only patch. Once a server is patched, a single server restart will occur. At that point, your server will start back up on the latest patch.


Patch Version 1.09 being pushed out to all servers tonight at 7:00pm EST

Patch notes can be found here:
http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 4#p3773344


A Gift from Treyarch : Escalation DLC for server owners

To celebrate the June 2, 2011 launch of Escalation on the PC, GameServers.com is pleased to announce that Treyarch is giving a free DLC to all PC dedicated server owners! The free DLC will be provided for each Black Ops server(s) that you have in your account. To obtain your free Escalation redeem token, simply follow these instructions:

1. Login to you http://my.gameservers.com control panel
2. Under the Active Subscriptions section, locate your Call of Duty Black Ops subscription and click on the info button
3. On the subsequent page, click on the new link "View Free Escalation redeem token" which has been added to your control panel
4. A pop-up window should show up which will include a message from Treyarch along with a single Free Escalation redeem token. (Instructions on how to use the redeem code has been provided within the pop-up window)

Repeat these steps for each Call of Duty Black Ops server subscription that you have in the account.

* Note: In order to qualify for the free DLC, you will need to have an active Call of Duty Black Ops server subscription on May 20th, 2011 at 9pm EST. Call of Duty Black Ops server subscriptions that are not active at this time or new orders made after this time will not qualify for the free DLC


A Server stability patch is currently being deployed to all Black Ops servers. The process is estimate to fully complete at 1pm EST.

Servers have been updated with the latest patch


Updates have been complete

Black Ops patch version 1.08 is scheduled for today. Servers will start the patching process at 8am PST in preparation for the client update starting at 9am PST from steam


v1.07 patch has been completed on all servers

11:30am PST - Patch is still progressing longer than expected due to the size of the patch. The process is still running smoothly but our original estimates for 100% deployment will need another 2 hours to complete. At this time.

9:00am PST - Patch is now being deployed to all Black Ops Servers

latest update from JD_2020
PATCH 1.07 - Deploying Friday, March 25 - Approximately 10a PST.

• Improved stability for Zombies, Multiplayer, and Dedicated Servers.
• Fixed server hitching when client is kicked for inactivity.
• Added server browser Filter for DLC.
• Quickmatch will prioritize servers running only the maps you own.
• Addressed various MP and Zombies exploits.
• Addition of the “Dolly Cam” editing mode in Theater.
• Improved reliability of Recent Game films saving properly.
• Connectivity improvements for Zombies.
• Added ability to remove Counter Spy-Plane effects with the Jammer.
• Players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited with a kill when the downed player is killed or takes the 'coward's way out'.
• Players will no longer receive any “hitmarkers” for shooting friendly equipment.
• Addressed an issue with switching classes while using a Chopper Gunner / Gunship.
• Disable player movement sounds when Ninja perk is equipped.
• Players can no longer “spawn tube” with the China Lake at the beginning of a match.
• Additional fine-tuning of audio levels for bomb plants/defuses.
• Headshot “ping” is now only audible if enemy dies.
• Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.
• Addressed an issue where the incorrect perks would appear when spectating another player under certain circumstances.
• RC-XD adjustments.
• Addressed an issue with calling in Chopper Gunner / Gunship immediately after being shot down from a previous one.
• Various improvements to Multiplayer and Zombies leaderboards.

Patch 1.07 will be released with the inclusion of First Strike DLC for the PC!

Change logs will be posted with the steam download and added to the callofduty.com forums by JD_2020

The patch and the DLC will be applied to all servers starting promptly on March 25th, 2011 at 9:00am PST. The patch process is estimated to complete in approximately 2 hours.

Instructions and details regarding the DLC will be posted by Treyarch shortly


Update on Patch 1.07 and announcement on the First Strike DLC coming to PC

http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... gr6160p076

Further information regarding the DLC can be found on this forum post by JD_2020
Hey PC fans,

With the launch of First Strike on the PC on March 25th, I would like to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions from the community pertaining to server admins, clients, and map rotations. Please read the below guide carefully before posting questions in the forums.

Anyone can play on any server, regardless of whether or not you have DLC installed. All players will continue to receive patches (including 1.07, which deploys alongside First Strike). If a server rotates to a DLC map that you do not have installed on your PC, you will automatically get kicked from that server.

Note: There will be an additional browser filter introduced in patch 1.07 that allows you to exclude servers with DLC content in their rotation. Quick match searches will only put players into matches with content that they have installed.

All servers will have First Strike available on March 25th. It will be at the server admin’s discretion whether or not to run DLC maps on their server. Admins will also have the freedom to choose which First Strike maps will run on their server.

Note: Admins will NOT have to purchase a copy of the map pack in order to install it on their dedicated server.

Hopefully that clears up some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the DLC deployment that will take place on March 25th.



Due to a backend problem that occurred today, all Black Ops servers will require a restart in order to clear any remaining issues caused by the backend having problems.

Reboots will start in the next 5 minutes of this posting.


A dedicated server side only patch is currently being deployed. Information regarding the patch can be found here:

http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 1&t=444507

The patch should complete for all servers in roughly 1.5 hours.


A server side only patch is scheduled for application tonight. The patching process will begin at Midnight, EST(in approximately 1.5 hours). Please expect your server to restart as a result of the patch application.


Black Ops patch version 1.06 deployed to all servers

Call of Duty: Black Ops patch 1.06 is going live tonight(February 7th) at 11 PM EST. Please expect your server to restart as a result of the patch application.

During this process, your server will go through a single reboot to load the stability patch. This thread will be updated once the process is completed. ETA 3 hours to complete all server updates.


Server stablity patch will be deployed at 1:00pm EST

This patch is server side only.

During this process, your server will go through a single reboot to load the stability patch. This thread will be updated once the process is completed. ETA 3 hours to complete all server updates.



Server patch is now being deployed on all servers

Servers are being patched in a random order, the total process should take roughly an 0-2 hours depending on where your server falls on the listing.


Incoming Black Ops patch coming soon according to PCDEV

On his twitter reveals a fix on the client side dealing with sound stutter

There are a few server side fixes as well which will be announced shortly



PC Patch 1.04
* Improved threading performance on computers with only 2 cores.
* Additional performance optimizations
* Added an option to pre-cache all shaders during load time. This fixes hitching related to shader compiling on some video cards when viewing an area of the map for the first time.
* Fixed random freezes in certain computer configurations.
* Allow Team Change on Ranked servers when it does not unbalance teams (this is a server admin option).
* Allow Team Change grace period at start of match (server admin option).
* Added 4 more reserved slots (server admin option)
* /connect
* Improved quickmatch results (server side change)
* Fix for watching films through Combat Record
* Fixed compassSpectatorsSeeEnemies exploit
* Fixed 3rd person fov exploit
* Fix for infinite supply drop exploit.
* Fixed crosshair flickering when stereo is active.
* Various spawn improvements
* Various sound improvements
* Fix for Zombies - Teammate shadows not displayed properly.
* Fix for radar not staying on in One in the Chamber when it should.
* In a Domination match, the Position Secured medal is no longer delayed.
* 'Hardened: Equipment Shot' Challenge can now be completed by destroying a 'Camera Spike'.
* Fix for choppy final killcam in dedicated servers.
* Various map glitches fixed.
* Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by his)
* Added mixed hardcore playlist
* Added mixed barebones playlist
* Added 12 player versions of all playlists

Rcon notes:

* Reduced timeout values. Connect (or failure to connect is faster).
* Added all white-listed dvars for Ranked and Unranked. Admins have rcon access to ALL available dvars.
* Added Settings and Console tabs for Ranked servers.
* Fixes a bug where the "Server" tab doesn't update values when connecting to a new server.
* Added version number to the title bar.
* Fixed a bug where UI state didn't persist after switching to another server.
* Added "disconnect" button.
* Fixed map "set" to not use admindvar.
* Changed all dvars which could be possibly float, to float. Mostly these are time-type dvars.
* Fixed bug where entering a value of zero for Message Duration would cause a unhandled exception error.
* Truncated all message fields to 140 chars.

Additional information from a post from JD_2020:
Originally Posted by JD_2020
Hey guys,

Today's patch enabled Team Switching on all official ranked servers. For anybody with a rented ranked server, here's a note from the PC team explaining some of the new DVARs you'll have to configure.

Additionally, these can be enabled via the Rcon tool (which also updated today) via the Settings tab, under "Server".

It is now possible to switch team in ranked servers. Admins need to set g_allow_teamchange to enable changing teams.

g_allow_teamchange 1 - (ranked/unranked) enables team switch UI option

In ranked servers, teams are auto-assigned. Switching is only possible to a team with less players.

g_teamchange_keepbalanced 1 - (unranked) team change allowed only if balance is kept.

There is a grace period at the beginning of the match that admins can set. During this period switching teams can go in any way, but auto-balance will keep the teams balanced for the duration of this period.

g_teamchange_graceperiod 60 - (ranked/unranked) gives 60 seconds at beginning of the match to switch teams and auto-balance is enabled.

g_allow_spectator 1 - (ranked/unranked) Allows joining the spectator team.

We hope you like these new additions. Full patch notes can be found here: http://bit.ly/gnfv3r - and as always, happy gaming!


Updates for 12/9/2010

Upcoming patch news

@pcdev has just tweeted about an ETA for the upcoming patch:
Patch is in QA. Includes optimizations, team switching on ranked matches, exploit fixes, and more. Should go live next week.

In-game browser

Currently, the in-game browser is still displaying 50% of all servers. The 3rd party backend provider that handles this portion of the game is still working on the issue.


Back orders are still enabled for many of the locations in order to control the amount of new server instances being deployed and are scheduled to be provisioned under the ETA listed for each location back ordered. As some may have seen, there has been push back on some of the ETA dates listed for the region that is back ordered which we hope to improve upon in the coming days.

Specific locations that has had longer than expected back order dates:

Australia - we have recently completed discussions with the provider in Australia to open up additional infrastructure to accommodate the ever increasing demand in Black Ops servers in the Australian region. With this added space and bandwidth we have changed the status for Australia from "wait list" to "back order". When it is set to back order, server provisioning is guaranteed with an ETA attached to the installation of the server.

Germany - Germany is by far the largest stronghold for Black Ops servers and while we have incrementally activated servers that are on back order, the entire list of those waiting has not been completely activated. The schedule for Germany was for servers to be activated today 12/9 but due to weather conditions shutting down the Frankfurt airport, our installers will not be able to complete installations today. They are on schedule so long as the airports are open tomorrow to have installations completed on Friday of this week.

Additional regions for Black Ops: We are currently in talks with additional regions to deploy Black Ops into. Specifically SEA and Northern Europe are on this list which will also follow with discussions into the Middle East.

Server Crash Reports

We do recognize that there are various servers that are crashing for unknown reasons while others are behaving perfectly fine. Rest assured that each and every crash type/log/dump is being reported back to the developers to find the root cause of the issue.

Server Hardware and Network Infrastructure

Recently, there has been some discussion threads questioning the infrastructure that we have deployed for Black Ops. Keep in mind that while we have had hardware upgrades this year, they do not include any of the upgrades that were done in preparation of Black Ops.

In each and every region, we have procured and deployed brand new servers using the latest in Intel Hexcore technology. In fact, we have worked very closely with Intel and our server vendors to ensure that each machine is well equip'd to handle the Black Ops title. Specifically, every server is equip'd with the latest 5600 series CPUs with a range of 24-48 GB of ram in each. As far as networking is concerned, each server is connected to a multi gigabit network to ensure that there is enough bandwidth to support the traffic needs for Black Ops as well as our other titles. Our infrastructure is best in class by a wide margin.

On top of the hardware infrastructure, we have a custom enterprise management system that watches each and every server to ensure their stability as well as their performance levels. Server density levels are strictly watched and restricted from a software level to prevent any overloading of servers. In addition to this, servers have an extremely high low threshold in order to accommodate for any burst in resource utilization from the servers that are installed on one single machine.


GameTracker has been updated to support Black Ops server tracking without the need for RCON. You can visit the current user inputed listing of servers at http://www.gametracker.com/search/blackops/

Admin tools

Recently, we have added the ability for admins to offload the need for a 3rd party tool running all the time by adding a "timed rcon messaging" feature into your Black Ops Control panels. At a configurable interval (min 1 min), you can have broadcast messages to your server with an unlimited amount messages to your server.


Updates for 11/29/2010

Our main focus over the past few weeks have been directed towards stabilizing Black Ops in each and every region that we have deployed into. Many of the issues have been resolved with a few that still exists. With the direct support from the developer Treyarch, we are confident that any and all remaining issues will be resolved in a timely fashion. While there are issues, as expected for any new game launch, the vast majority of the servers with a total of over 17,000 servers with about 120,000+ concurrent players at peak are running very well

In addition to server stability issues, all constructive posts have been passed back to Treyarch (e.g. Joker's compilation of admin requests) which will give the developers a different perspective in terms of what admins would like to see added to the game.

In regards, to slower than expected ticket response times, now that many of the issues are identifiable, we expect to have our response times to be greatly improved. As with many new game title releases, there will be issues that occur that is specific to the title itself which also requires a learning curve for our support staff to overcome. Now that issues can be properly identified as well as properly categorized, our support staff can now properly address each issue. With that said, there are still some issues that still need more time for a resolution - with these types of issues, the response times may still be longer than expected as we are working towards a fix.

Of the known issues, we are still waiting for a fix for the in game browser display to show 100% of the servers instead of the 50% that is it currently showing. This fix needs to come from the 3rd party back end company Daemonware who is very well aware of the problem and is working towards a fix. GameServers,com does not have any control over the browser display.


Updates for 11/22/2010

Browser - in-game browser is still showing 50% of all servers in the listing. Daemonware, the company that is handling the backend as an open item to get this resolved.

Patch - the patch has been applied to all servers. We are seeing some reports of increased lag due to the patch that we are investigating with Treyarch

Reservedslots have been confirmed to work properly on all servers.

Server "Crashing" issue - we have been getting reports that some servers are crashing when full. We are sending crash dumps over to Treyarch for further investigation.


Updates for 11/19/2010

Patch is currently in progress. We will update once all servers have been patched

Release notes from pcdev on the patch:

· CPU performance improvements

· Server browser bug fixes and tweaks to populate faster and do full refresh less often

· Fixed crash when viewing leaderboards if player has more than 99 friends

· Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay

· Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper
PATCH will be applied TONIGHT 11/19/2010

A new patch will be released tonight in the coming hours. Because this is a client side patch, all servers will need to be patched as well. We will be applying the patch to all servers globally. During this patch application, your server will be restarted once in order for your server to take the update.

Black Ops patch looks to be on schedule for tomorrow!

Browser is still only showing 50% of the results back


Updates for 11/16/2010

Server side security patch is being pushed out to all servers. Keep in mind, servers will be restarted during this process in order to activate the patch.

We have identified the cause of many of the server crashes. This information has been forwarded to the developers, who will be able to fix it.


Updates for 11/15/2010

As of 3:30PM EST - ban.txt is now activated again. reservedslots.txt to come shortly

Latest status as of 4:21 PM EST

Browser list - daemonware is still working on a permanent fix to the limited browser listings. This is still work in progress on their side. We know this is a very hot topic and they are very well aware of the urgency of this issue.

Frankfurt network issues - we have seen a part of our network segment out in Frankfurt that is receiving network errors. To correct this, we have a network team on site today to correct the issue

Reservedslot.txt and Ban.txt - Access to these configuration files has been restored.


Updates for 11/13/2010

The browser is currently not showing all results again. The party that deals with the browser (daemonware) is aware of the issue and is currently working on it.

On our end, we are taking a close look at certain servers in locations that has a 100% working network, but showing ping variance.

Traceroutes that have been provided for each of the locations have been submitted into the networking teams at each of the locations to check on possible issues with their routing.

Overall, we have been pushing over 11,000 servers servicing a peak of 105,000 players!

While there are some problem servers, we are determined to get to the root cause of each and every issue that arises.

If you have noticed, some of the locations are now on a waitlist which will have the actual ETA on new servers. Our provisioning department is working as quickly as they can to add additional servers to each of the locations along with additional network gear.

Banlist and reservedslots editing has been temporarily removed from the control panel. There were some issues discovered regarding the security of these two files which has lead to them being taken off the cp shortly until we ensure its security.


Updates for 11/12/2010

Server Browser appears to be showing all servers in the list now!

We would strongly recommend adding your server as a favorite. I do not foresee any issues with the browser listing at this current time, but it's always better to be safe.

There has been reports regarding the location of servers based on the server's IP address. Please keep in mind, as part of our roll out, we have announced our US based network prefixed globally. When doing this, the IP address will still have a originating record as being US based, but the server is 100% located in the region that it was installed to.

As a verification, the best way is to run a traceroute to your IP. This will show you exactly where the last hop for your server.

In windows:

Press Start->Run->cmd.exe
On the resulting command line prompt, type in the following:

tracert <IP ADDRESS>

Here is an update on the known issues that were discovered since launch:

Browser issues: The browser is currently displaying all servers properly

In Game Lag: Increasing the sv_maxRate setting in combination with the latest client patch has proved to be very successful in removing the in-game lag that has been seen at launch. Please keep in mind that you will need to restart your server once to have the sv_maxRate changes take effect.

Pending orders: An email will be sent out to those that still have an order in pending to give an estimated ETA on activation. The vast majority of the servers in the 25 locations have been installed and running. Please note that your billing start time does NOT start until your server is activated.

RCON Tool : A new Call of Duty Black Ops RCON Tool has been released into the Steam tools section. This version has proved to be very successful in allowing admins RCON access to their servers. The connection issue for the most part has been resolved.


Updates for 11/11/2010

The original thread has been unstickied. All Black Ops status updates will be on this thread instead.

Updates on the listed known issues should be coming shortly.

PC Client side patch has been released - details on the patch have not been announced yet but it does look to be available from Steam as an automatic upgrade!

New RCON Tool is now also available from your Steam Tools section!


Updates for 11/10/2010

Browser issues: The latest update is that there is progress on the in-game browser in displaying all of the servers. ETA is still unknown but this work is at the highest severity levels to have completed.

In Game Lag: A rollout of an increase to the sv_maxRate from 5000 to 25000 will be issued today. Instructions on how to do this on your server will come once it has been rolled out. Keep in mind that this parameter tune will help with some aspects of lag that has been seen.

11/10/2010: 6:35pm EST - The changes to all subscriptions have been done to enable sv_maxRate of 25000

In order to activate this change, simply restart your server at your convenience. On restart, the server will come up with the new sv_maxRate Setting

Pending orders: An email will be sent out to those that still have an order in pending to give an estimated ETA on activation. The vast majority of the servers in the 25 locations have been installed and running. Please note that your billing start time does NOT start until your server is activated.

RCON Tool connection issues: Work is being done to look into the cause for the rcontool connection issues that have been seen. Updates will come once we have more info

Here is a summary of the current hot topics that we have been seeing in our support systems and community forums. We will do our best in keeping this list up to date and to add additional topics to this list as they come. Feel free to reply to this thread but be sure to keep things as constructive as possible. We have a direct line into Treyarch for any and all issues that we see and they are listening loud and clear.

Please keep support specific questions to support tickets, we will not be able to offer sufficient support through the forums at this time.

- Can't find my server in the browser

Due to huge volume of traffic that is occurring on the back-end systems, a temporary fix was put into place to randomly limit the amount of servers that are listed on the browser. This is a temporary fix and we will provide an update once it has been fixed.

- Can't connect to my server using the RCON Tool

We have been getting reports that there has been connection issues between the RCON tool and servers. We are still investigating this issue and hope to find the root cause shortly.

- My hostname gets overwritten after setting it in the RCON Tool

A fix for this should be coming in on 11/10/2010. Changes to your hostname via the my.gameservers.com control panel will work through the same mechanisms as the RCON Tool which will in turn preserve any hostname changes that you make even on reboot.

- Servers crashes

We have seen a few reports of server crashes, but compared to the quantity of servers that have been deployed, the percentages are low. However, logs will be examined on all reported cases in order to isolate any possible issues.

- Server Lag

Reports of lag occurring in game has been reported and we are taking a very serious look into this. From a server perspective, we do not see any evidence of any resource utilization issues on the hardware that the servers are running on. There has been questions regarding our hardware and to address that, each server that is running Black Ops is brand new built specifically for Black Ops.

- How do I use reservedslots

In your my.gameservers.com control panel, you will be able to edit your reservedslots.txt configuration file. The file should be written in the following format:


Currently, 5 reserved slots are supported.

The server will keep the list of reserved slots. Each slot is identified by a unique password specified in the reservedslots.txt file. If a server is full and a client joins with the password, the slot for that password is used. A random client is picked and kicked. If two clients use the same password, only the first client gets the reserved slot

- My server is still in pending status, when will it come up

As of this posting, 98% of all servers have been installed and activated. If your server is in a pending state, rest assured that server provision is near the top of our list of priorities to complete.

- Can I run Zombie Mode or Wager Matches on my rented server?

You can not run Zombie mode or Wager Matches on your rented servers

- How do I change my playlists

Playlist changes should be done by using the rcon tool

- My RCON password is not working, how can I reset it?

In order to reset the RCON password for your Call of Duty: Blackops server you need to log into your members area at https://my.gameservers.com then click on CONFIG next to the subscription. Then modiy the field that is next to ' RCON Password: ' then press ' Save Changes ' and it will update it for you.

Anthony Quon

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