No access to BF2cc Daemon or FTP with new BF2 Revive Ranked Server

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No access to BF2cc Daemon or FTP with new BF2 Revive Ranked Server

Post by MyPaperPast » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:51 pm

so i've been running a BF2 unranked server from gameservers for quite some time now...i have full access of the servers FTP to config modmanager files to have ingame rules, welcome messages, and the such...i also have full access to BF2 Daemon which allows me to switch maps, move players, kick, warn, ban, set admin rights, etc....

well i've decided to purchase a BF2 Revive Ranked server from gameservers a conversation with one of the techs through a support ticket...i asked specifically if would still have these same rights with the new ranked server...they said yes

so i buy the server and proceed to config everything to create the new TFC clan server...i click the server info button but i have 0 (zero) options to configure this server...they even sent me the email for the default BF2CC Daemon login information just like the other server...plug it all in...and 0 (zero) access to BF2CC Daemon...i can connect R-Con only...which doesn't help me one bit...i have 0 (zero) access to any FTP files to install and config ModManager for ingame rules, welcome messages, i basically only have the power to kick people from the server through BF2CC R-Con...i can't even change the Name or the Map of my server...this is absolutely ridiculous and i'm actually quite pissed off because i was told that i would have this option available...So wtf am i missing here...

i mean it would just be nice to at least be able to change the name of my server to what i want it to be...other than that generic "another clanserver is born" crap....shoot i can even make auto admin messages and scrolling rules through BF2CC Daemon...but i can't log into that either....

so is there something i'm doing wrong here or am i simply not going to get access to those parts of the server....when we (the tech and i) were discussing the new server purchase it was only taking about 2-3 hours for a i have put a support ticket in for this issue since the purchase and we are going on 18hrs without a single freakin word...

what is my next far as my knowledge goes gameservers is the only server provider offering Ranked BF2 servers right now...if you guys know of a different server provider that can help all means let me know...about ready to cut GameServers out for good

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Re: No access to BF2cc Daemon or FTP with new BF2 Revive Ranked Server

Post by [gs] Dr. Worm » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:14 pm

This will take some looking at your specific server. Submit a ticket and one of our admins should be able to see where the issue lies.

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