BF4 Server general (need help)

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BF4 Server general (need help)

Post by crossfire212121 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:53 am

I know time is precious for everyone,

I would pay something like 200 euro for online guidance.
So pm me your Skype if you would like to help me

I base in UK so I accept bank transfer within the UK,
I also could paypal, paysafe hmm bitcoin

I am a newbie in BF4 server. I manage to get a 64 player running with basic maps. but still many thing that I don't know. Such as I wanted it to apply expansion pack maps, so free trail hackers cant join. Don't even know the code for other maps.

I wish to setup 1-2 servers for now, maybe more in future, another easiest way maybe you could handle everything for me, And I would pay you 200euro for per server setup. Then you could give me the server login details so I can pay it in future.

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