add DLC map in bf4

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add DLC map in bf4

Post by scarface_810 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:27 pm

hello i just bout a bf4 server but i what to add the DLC maps how do i do that
this is what i got in the map list tx. i know thar Other thing in the config edom_misc.cfg ect.
Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Flooded/MP_Flooded ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Resort/MP_Resort ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_TheDish/MP_TheDish ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Tremors/MP_Tremors ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Silk Road/MP_Silk Road ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Altai Range/MP_Altai Range ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Caspian Border 2014/MP_Caspian Border 2014 ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Firestorm 2014/MP_Firestorm 2014 ConquestLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Wave Breaker/MP_Silk Road ConquestLarge0 1

if any one what to join my server here it is ... 163:30020/

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