Not Fastdl For .Mdl files --> Cs 1.6

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darnedwalker Forum Newb
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Not Fastdl For .Mdl files --> Cs 1.6

Post by darnedwalker » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:54 am

Hi Guys

So i've got fast download and all installed complety, maps are downloading very quick.
But i only got problems with .mdl files for Admin Model Also other .mdl files have same problem, why is this? i place .mdl files here --> /cstrike/models/player/ exactly like server path .
maybe for my host server configuration?
or maybe must be compress?

Hopefully someone had the same problem and knows the answer.

this is my server.cfg

Code: Select all

// Use this file to configure your DEDICATED server. 
// This config file is executed on server start.
// disable autoaim
sv_aim 0
// disable clients' ability to pause the server
pausable 0
// default server name. Change to "Bob's Server", etc.
hostname "Net Game"
// maximum client movement speed 
sv_maxspeed 320
// 20 minute timelimit
sv_consistency 1
sv_nosay 1
sv_downloadurl "***/cstrike/"
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_send_logos "1"
sv_send_resources "1"
mp_timelimit 35
mp_freezetime 3
mp_autokick 0
fps_max 999
sv_cheats 0
hostname "-_- Net Game|Public Server[Free Vip] -_-"
mapchooser_lang 1
mp_roundtime 3
sv_nosay 0
amx_wpglow_mode 1
// load ban files
exec listip.cfg
exec banned.cfg
exec booster.cfg
exec swearfilter.cfg
Thanks in advance. 8)

forgot to mention, these files for admin models are like 2 M

damnyourefine Forum Newb
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Re: Not Fastdl For .Mdl files --> Cs 1.6

Post by damnyourefine » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:33 pm

You need to verify that the non-fastdl model files (or any files which aren't fast downloading) are properly indexed in your map.res file.

For example if palmtree.mdl is slow download and is not present in de_madeupmap.res, that's your problem. The .res files instruct the server on what files the client needs.

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