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Server Availability Schedule

Post by DavidGS » Wed Aug 31, 2005 12:02 am

Dear Future Clients,

We are nearing completion of our largest server buildout ever. We apologize for the delay but we are creating enough capacity in every location so that there will never be another wait for a server again. Below is a tentative schedule for availability of new services.

September 6th - New York [ Now Online ]
September 6th - Chicago [ Now Online ]
September 9th - Atlanta [ Now Online ]
September 11th - Dallas [ Now Online ]
September 13th - Seattle [ Now Online ]
September 13th - London [ Now Online ] (sold out again!)
September 15th - Amsterdam
September 15th - Frankfurt [ Now Online ]
September 15th - Los Angeles [ Now Online ]
September 17th - San jose [ Now Online ]

Sydney Postponed

Clan Servers Hosting, LLC

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Post by [gs] quon » Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:05 am

Last Updated : 9/17/2005 10:24 am est

September 6th - New York - Servers are up - we are constantly adding new Dells and putting them on the network to meet the demands of those that are waiting. We are waiting for more rackspace to get built out to install the rest of the NJ servers

September 6th - Chicago - delayed - some servers were setup but they were filled up almost instantaneously. I believe there are some Windows servers Available still. We have signed a contract at the datacenter to put up a very very large amount of Dell servers. I will post an ETA when we get some hard dates.

September 9th - Atlanta - on schedule - Linux servers are UP - Windows servers are also up !

Sept 11th - Dallas Servers are UP

Seattle - Servers are UP

LA - Servers are UP

San Jose - Servers are UP

International Servers - UPDATE Availability date To be Determined. We are having issues with the large amounts of servers in Customs and they have not been released yet.

September 15th - London Servers arrival - Servers will be installing throughout the weekend of the 16th. Shipment has been scheduled and the weekend of the 16th is still on track.

September 15th - Amsterdam Servers arrival

September 15th - Frankfurt Servers arrival

The original dates got delayed due to the larger than expected customs issues that we have to deal with when sending such a large quantity of servers. The dates above shows the dates that we expect the servers to finally arrive and the install dates associated with that.

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