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Share Payments with's ClanPay!

Post by [gs] quon » Sat Sep 25, 2004 1:42 am announces an innovative new feature in our members area with which you can share the task of making payments with all of your clan members, or even your server's visitors.

With ClanPay, your members area provides you with a link which you can give out to your members or visitors. By following the link, any payment your members make through the link gets registered with your account, without requiring you to give out your members area login id or password to them! Plus, the members area allows you to configure & choose what information it shows to to your members/visitors, including:

+ Your clan name
+ Your name
+ Your game type
+ Your game's (or games) ip
+ Your current account balance

Additionally, ClanPay sends you a detailed e-mail notification each time a transaction happens, so you know who paid and how much. Check out ClanPay in your members area today by clicking Billing -> ClanPay!

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