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Post by [gs] mike » Thu Apr 07, 2005 5:35 pm

Great News!

Due to popular demand, we have officially released the new "Restricted Clan Admins" feature, available to all game server owners. This feature allows you to give limited control to your trusted clan members, without giving them access to your account, your billing information, your affiliate information, your support tickets, and other private or high security risk areas.

By clicking [manage] next to your game server, you can now create "Clan Admins" and give the ability to do one of two things (or both):

1. Stop/Restart your game server via web panel - Allow the restricted user access to with the ability to restart or stop the game server.

2. FTP Access - Allow your Clan Admin access to your ftp area so he can update configuration files, upload and download maps, etc.

All of these features are PER SERVER. If you have multiple servers and only wish to give out access to select servers, this is not a problem! Plus, you can remove ftp access, web access, and change passwords instantly any time from your members area!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, be sure to let us know.

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