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Forum Private Messages have been disabled

Post by [gs] quon » Mon May 15, 2006 10:24 am

This forum has always been very public and free to be used by anyone. However, there has been a recent ramp up of reports of solicitation of members on this forum as a desparate attempt by other providers to try and get new customers. Resorting to these types of tactics should hint to the types of providers that are out there who would do anything to try and gain a customer.

Given that, and knowing that some of you do need to PM an admin at times, you can simply open a ticket or email your question/concern to

We have also created a new email alias which will be used for more urgent issues - - Please take note that while this email address is available, only urgent/critical issues will be responded to. All other requests should go directly to the ticket system as explained above (open a ticket or email

Clanservers Management

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