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Adding Server Admin

Post by Wilbus » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:42 pm

So it took me a while of testing to figure out how to add a server admin to an already existing game world with the sandbox.sbc file. I could not find anything on it in google or forums so I thought I would post this here to help others who might be trying to do the same.

As stated above this is for adding admins to an existing save game using the sandbox.sbc file. Once you have this file open use ctrl+f and type in promoted users.

You should find a text like this (If you do not currently have admins setup on the server):

<PromotedUsers />

It should follow <Mods /> and have <CreativeTools /> after it.

You will need to simply replace the <PromotedUsers /> line with these lines:

<Key xsi:type="xsd:unsignedLong">765611980XXXXXX</Key>
<Value xsi:type="MyPromoteLevel">Owner</Value>

Where 765611980XXXXXX is you need to add your own Steam 64id, then simply save and restart your server. I would also recommend when making any changes make a backup.

I have not tested adding more people to the admin list as of yet, If I do I will update this post.

I hope this post helps.

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