(Working) No Mods loading - No Admin - New World

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(Working) No Mods loading - No Admin - New World

Post by Zyonic88 » Wed May 24, 2017 1:52 pm

===== NOTE ====

First let me say that I have a ticket submitted and have been working with staff to figure this out however no ground has been covered since yesterday regarding mods loading.

Here is my .cfg for world and mods. As it is a new world i did not put the mods into the sandbox.sbc. I have been through all of this many many times over the last 24 hours and I am to the point of rethinking my choice of a Host. I really don't want to have to go look for another Hosting company but I have noticed that all the threads talking about mods and servers not loading properly have been neglected or abandoned. This whole process could be made easier and needs to be revised. GamerServers is loosing business by all the headache starting a modded Space Engineers server brings and lets be real here, nobody wants to rent a vanilla server so making adding mods simple and full proof is very important. In any case, lets see what the community has to say on this subject. I will update this thread when it has been properly resolved by either us here or staff on the submitted ticket.

Code: Select all

<LoadWorld>Cryptic Enigma</LoadWorld>
  <IP> Taken out on purpose for this post </IP>
  <Administrators />
  <Banned />
  <WorldName>Cryptic Enigma</WorldName>
  <PremadeCheckpointPath>c:\games\208_167_251_136_27025\1361698\spaceengi\Content\CustomWorlds\Star System</PremadeCheckpointPath>

Alright, after failing for a couple more hours I came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with my mod coding. I decided to reinstall the server completely and start fresh with a new world. So that is what I did. I added the mods back into the .cfg file and went to the MODS tab and reinstalled the server mod update to be sure that was good and jumped in game. Finally the online menu showed my server having mods and upon entering the game I confirmed that the mods were in fact present. I then backed out and set up my server settings to what i wanted.


There are a couple things happening now that were not happening then such as my .cfg file and my Sandbox file will not update together at all. When my .cfg updates my Sandbox does not. Also, my server name is set in the .cfg but in game it shows as an unamed server. Lastly, I for some reason am unable to add myself or anyone else as an Admin on my server. I have followed the instructions provided in the email and still nothing. Again, a ticket is submitted and I will update here when I know more.

*EDIT* 6/8/2017

All tickets have been closed

After a couple days of editing and saving each file separately I eventually came across a reason to reinstall the server. Before doing this I took a copy of my .cfg and kept it on my desktop to use when the server was finished installing. Once I had finished the editing I launched the server and to my surprise the .cfg and the Sandbox.scb were now saving together. To top it all off my server name was now reflecting what I had in the .cfg as well. Much relief was had!

As for setting myself and others as an Administrator on my server I was able to add this code plus my steam64 ID found Here to my .cfg file.

Code: Select all

  <Banned />
All in all this has been a learning experience. Game Servers is an excellent Server Host although I wish the control panel had an actual console. I'm sure there will be one implemented at some point. Until then we are stuck using the dedicated.log.

If i could offer any advice I will simply say to make sure you are clicking on the MODS tab and reinstalling the modpack for the server after every major change.

Now I am on to bigger and better things!
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Re: New world - No mods loading.

Post by Zyonic88 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:44 pm

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Re: (Working) No Mods loading - No Admin - New World

Post by [gs] kad » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:05 am

Nice post! A lot of times when I've seen customers attempt to add themselves as admin they have duplicate admin lines within the code which if there are more than 1 no admins will be added.
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