Survival Pirate Battle

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Survival Pirate Battle

Post by Moon920 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:36 pm

4 of us went up against a large pirate ship with 3 aggressive spawn antennas. (2 - TARGET LOCATED and 1 - NO TRESPASSERS). Server max drones are set to 6. This means we'll see up to 6 drones at a time and they'll be Informant, Incisor, Eradicator, or Assailant. In this encounter we saw mostly Incisors, which I can handle. It's the Eradicators you need to avoid. We had 2 large ships and 1 small, my buddy Brandon was in my ship riding shotgun and helping with repairs since he didn't want to scratch his pretty ship, lol. We're all playing cautiously because our ships were built 100% in survival and even though it's our server, we have a self enforced rule: If we lose our ship in battle, we lose it for good. The only admin-replace scenario is if our ship explodes due to serious lag, server crash or glitch (which happens occasionally).

The ship we're fighting was originally an imported player designed ship from Workshop called the Snow Golem. I added a few turrets and 2 additional antennas to get the difficulty up. ... =360197127

Here is the ship I'm flying, ... =600698610

I think it went pretty well, better than last time. At least this time I got a few shots at the spawn ship. I inspected the damage later in Admin Space Master mode and determined we disabled two of his ~8? turrets and put a small hole in his armor. Till next time!

Let me know if you have any questions about adding pirates to your universe, I'm just starting to learn but I'm very excited about the possibilities.

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