SOLVED: Arming the Pirates :(

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SOLVED: Arming the Pirates :(

Post by Moon920 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:07 pm

My friends and I rent an 8-player dedicated server and we launched our survival world in Lone Survivor mode. We've since added planets but we're hungry for some space battles, in all of our exploring we only found 1 pirate spawn, and their death was swift. I started adding in pirates last night by powering and naming antennas, to make things interesting I imported player designed ships from the Steam Workshop, and they are awesome! I noticed however, some of them don't have ammo, and when I build the pirates a base, the guns I create obviously don't come with ammo. We've been making ammo in our assemblers and I've been arming the pirates before activating them, but I'm not a fan of using our resources to supply the enemy and it's kind of a pain.

Two questions:

Is there an easier way to get ammo for pirate bases and spawn ships in Survival mode? As admin, I can switch myself to creative, but I haven't found a way to 'generate' ammo.

Can I just add unit of ammo to each weapon and the pirates will have unlimited ammo or do I need to load them up?

SOLVED: I'm able to get ammo by designating myself as admin, hitting Alt-F10 and checking the box up top to enable creative mode for myself, then hitting Shift-F10 to spawn items (it's under spawn planets/asteroids). I still don't know if the compy will have unlimited ammo or not, but it's sort of irrelevant since I can spawn ammo for them now :D

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