UNET: Lost packets for client EntityID=

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UNET: Lost packets for client EntityID=

Post by DannyOfThePaul » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:10 am

Hi all, noob to the forum who needs help (don't we all!).

I've heard from a few friends on a GS 7D2D server that their getting d/c'd. I've looked back in the console log and the only thing I can see that looks odd is this:

INF NET: UNET: Lost packets for client EntityID=8595 :!:

It repeats over and over then this error shows up:

NET: Error receiving data from 1: event=DisconnectEvent, error=Timeout :?:

Can anyone shed some light on this? Happy to go & tell my friends that it's from their side. :lol:


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