BuzzNation |5x|Clans|PVP/PVE option|Easy loot|

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BuzzNation |5x|Clans|PVP/PVE option|Easy loot|

Post by buzznation » Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:42 am

5x Gathering & 5x Component loot (modded server)

Need a fresh start on a Rust server? Why don't you come and join Buz Nation?!
Its a brand new Rust server, its a 5x with weekly wipes.
Join the discord so that you can get notified of giveaways and announcements. You'll find everything in the discord to help you join. I hope i see you there !!!


- No radiation (removed all radiation)

- Custom airdrops (Improved loot and airdrop settings)

- Custom loot (Improved loot for barrelts, crates etc)

- Doorsharing (allows you to share doors with friends/clan)

- Shop (A big Shop for buying or selling things)

- Custom events (modded events)

- Fast crafting (instant craft)

- Clans (The Limit for a Clan is 8 Players)

- Custom kits (kits can be claimed daily)

- Sleepers (sleepers turned on)

- Vote/play rewards (Earn Reward Points for playing, voting, killing animals and players

- Share (Clan Sharing System, that makes easy to play together)

- Teleportation (unlimited teleport with Raid Block (5minutes) and Combat Block (1minute)

- Private message (send private messages to other players)

- Wounded screams (enabled)

- Trade (trade items with another player)

- Remove tool (lets you remove items/structures)

- Raid/Combat block (enabled)

- Online rewards (recieve rewards for online time)

- Info Panel (shows surounding/event/player/economy/rp info)

- Hit icon (shows a marker when hitting or killing a living creature)

- Donation system (lets you donate and recieve cool rewards)

- Friends (add friends)

- AutoCodelock/Autodoor (AutoCodeLock to automate and ease-up the usage, deployment
and placement for Codelocks and Doors)

- SkinBox (SkinBox can convert any skinnable item into each skin variant loaded by the

- Deathmarker (Give players a better and cleaner indication of where they died)

- Automatic Authentication (Add all your clan mates or friends from friend list to any cupboard
or turret authorization list with 1 command)

- Custom GUI (Custom GUI with all server info/chat commands)

Vote rewards
- 5000 rp (p/v)
- 10.000 economics (p/v)
- 1x signal (p/v)

- Donate shop with lots of offers (Vip level 1/2/3 & much more)
- High performance, low ping, dedicated
- Active Admins!

- Do not spam.
- Don't advertise your streams/videos etc if it's not BuzzNation content.
- Don't post Discord invite links in here, it will result in a perm Ban
- Don't advertise other Rust servers in our Discord, you'll get banned. If we can find your Steam ID that'll also be banned.
- Don't be racist or homophobic in here. respect others.
- Don't post any sort of pornography, nudity or NSFW in any channel.
- Don't react to any message with racial slurs or emotes. You will loose permissions for reacting, repeat offensives ofother rules will result in a ban.
- Don't tag Admins or Discord staff if your issue is not extremely urgent.

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Re: BuzzNation | 5x | Clans |TP|Home|Loot+ & much more (Wipe 22/12)

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Re: BuzzNation |5x|Clans|PVP/PVE option|Easy loot|

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