GameServer IP Connecting to wrong Server

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DohItAgain Forum Newb
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GameServer IP Connecting to wrong Server

Post by DohItAgain » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:41 pm

Earlier today someone kept joining my server (I haven't given out my IP to anyone but one person) who has another Starbound Gameserver server. He was saying everytime he connected by the IP they gave him.. he got my server. I told him to open a ticket.

Hours later, I had to restart the server. Hit restart server button, wait a bit, go to log in... and the now the IP for my server is connecting to this other person's server.

Somehow, I think we both have gotten the same IP for our servers. Making a hostname did not work, and I tried changing the Starbound ports, and it worked once until the server completely refused to allow anyone to connect to it.

Any ideas?

pamput Forum Newb
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Re: GameServer IP Connecting to wrong Server

Post by pamput » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:40 am

I had the same issue and had to solve it myself :)

Apparently they have more than one starbound server instance on the same physical machine. This means that, everyone that has an instance on there shares the same IP (but different port number)

Your server port is clashing with someone's other instance (or someone's other is clashing with yours). You have to check your assigned port in the admin panel and check if you have the same in your config file set in the 'gameServerPort' field.

Apparently they (Gameservers) are not setting your assigned port when installing the starbound server. They are leaving it as 21025 (the default value). This means that probably more than one instance (owned by different players on the same physical server) is listening to the same port. This makes you connect randomly to one of the instances listening the same port.

Cheers :)

Asefino Forum Newb
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Re: GameServer IP Connecting to wrong Server

Post by Asefino » Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:56 am

Strange situation, but I have already met with such a case. When the proxy settings are downed, it can create a problem. With my previous provider it is, with the new no such problems.

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