No server admin listed

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No server admin listed

Post by marb68 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:18 am

Hello I was playing on " US 3622 " and it said if you had something to report, to contact an admin. Well there was no Admin listed so I thought I would come to here to ask.

I know recently there was a new DayZ update and was wondering if the "map" function could be turned on by the admin? It seems this function is defaulted off with updates and it makes it a lot easier to play if you can see where on the map you are since you are always travelling somewhere.


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Re: No server admin listed

Post by Loot Ninja » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:47 pm


Let me just tell you this, I was on last night and a player named Unionpc logged in with a grey name, and proceeded to reset the server outside the normal restart time. Me and my friend pretty much rule that server and are regulars on it almost every day, so we keep tabs on who comes and goes. Their were 6 total, but the ones I remember were Unionpc, dyrek, like, William, and a guy with the clan tag [KOR]. I believe they eventually resorted to hacking...

So after Unionpc logged in and restarted the server (not reset, restarted) me and my friend were like, "This is fishy...either that was a hacker that can restart the server, or that was an admin." And we only knew one reason why someone would restart the server outside of normal times, and that is to make the helicopter respawn on the Island.

So me and Shinobi Turtle high-tail it on a four-wheeler, loaded up with all the helicopter parts, toward the island, and start swimming accross. Sure enough as we approach, we spot someone on the shore, he doesnt see us in the water and we make it onto the island safely. We then start a slow crawl toward the heli we approach we spot the copter and move into position. At this point we have our legitly earned ghillie suits on, I have my silenced M14, and shinobi has his FN-FAL w/nv. we sit and wait....

About 5 min later a guy runs by us several times. we wait another 5-10 and 5 of the 6 move in on the helicopter. We wait patiently to get a full count and a chance to strike. the moment doesnt come until they all log out but 1, and that one (like), runs by me. I get up on my knee and load 5 shots into him, killing him. (He was a bandit if I may point out.) After that I move to another position. Sure enough the rest log in and start scowering where I was trying to find me. Another guy moves up on my left, and was on top of me before I knew it, I froze (he didnt have NV) he stares at me for about 4 solid seconds then moves up in front of me. I then come into a crouch position and proceed to take 10 shots and kill him as well. (Dyrek dies...and yes he was another bandit)

William at this point, starts running around furiously, jumping in the heli and firing out the gunner seats repeatedly at random. We didnt move. After he runs out of ammo, he was bleeding the whole time, he runs down the hill just to me right, passes out and logs out. He stays out the rest of the time.

Then all is pretty quiet, there is only 3 left out of the original 6, and like gets back on making it 4. To shorted the rest up. Explosions start going off. It quiet for about 15 min, and thats when the teleporting this point its been well over 1.5 hours that we have been watching this spawn, and 25 min have passed and we see no one. suddenly, the copter blows up and shinobi dies. Then I wait about another 5 min, and Dyrek litterally spawn right on top of me...course I recently killed him, and he had no weps, but he spawned right next to me and I can only assume he teleported. They had no thermal scopes, and if they did, they would have just shot us. I logged out immediately since he started to crouch to go in my bag.

They abused admin rights by restarting the server for the helicopter, and one of their guys, Dyrek, was clearly teleporting directly on top of us. (just for the record, he appeared out of nowhere next to me when I killed him the first time.) So yeah we hate hackers, cause we do everything legit, and hackers come in and have to cheat, or admins come in and have to ruins the game. Dayz standalone better take care of this mess, and it needs to come out soon...because I cant continue to play dayz with hackers running amuck, and admins abusing rights.

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Re: No server admin listed

Post by odm » Sat May 02, 2015 8:33 pm

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