Infinite loading screen.

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Infinite loading screen.

Post by minimoose88 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:40 pm

Before anyone says anything, this is not client side it is server side.

After a restart the yesterday around 2 pm, I was unable to rejoin my server due to the infinite loading screen problem. So I promptly troubleshot using every client side fix out there. After which I had some friends try to join and they were unable to. After which I reinstalled 1.7.3, reinstalled, and then reinstalled with a full wipe. Still no luck.

After checking log files I something anomalous:

3:54:30 "OBJ: "5180521"car_hatchback"
3:54:30 Error in expression <: " + str(_idKey) + _type);

_object = createVehicle [_type, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_>
3:54:30 Error position: <createVehicle [_type, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_>
3:54:30 Error setdir: Type String, expected Number
3:54:30 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 62

That was in the arma2oaserver.RPT. I assume that is something on their side with hive, but due to the fact that it has been near impossible to contact them. I was wondering if any help existed here?

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