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help setting permissions

Post by xEyD » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:51 pm

I am am renting a basic 5-6 person minescraft server and have installed many various plugins. So far I have uploaded them to the plugins folder via FileZilla. This is where things get confusing...

installed/enabled (according to McMyAdmin - minecraft)
Essentialsantibuild - 2.13.1
Essentialsspawn- 2.13.1
Essentialschat - 2.13.1
Essentialsprotect- 2.13.1
Essentials - 2.13.1
treeassist - 5.11.50
worldedit 6.1.8 snapshot
worldguard 6.2.1
permissionsEX 1.23.4
loginsecurity 2.1.7
Bukkitcompat r22a

I would like to set up my server so people are not allowed to create or destroy things, unless they are an admin.

Can someone please help me through creating permissions to achieve my goals.

where do I begin with setting permissions?
do I need a separate permissions file per plugin?
where do the permission files go?
is there an example permissions file I can build off of?

any help would be great.

thank you

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