'git' is not installed, or not available in PATH

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'git' is not installed, or not available in PATH

Post by boy155064 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:57 pm

my server type can't change to craftbukkit when i changed to craftbukkit will be displayed 'git' is not installed, or not available in PATH

i already installed git and enter "git" on the git cmd

usage: git [--version] [--help] [-C <path>] [-c name=value]
[--exec-path[=<path>]] [--html-path] [--man-path] [--info-path]
[-p | --paginate | --no-pager] [--no-replace-objects] [--bare]
[--git-dir=<path>] [--work-tree=<path>] [--namespace=<name>]
<command> [<args>]

These are common Git commands used in various situations:

start a working area (see also: git help tutorial)
clone Clone a repository into a new directory
init Create an empty Git repository or reinitialize an existing one

work on the current change (see also: git help everyday)
add Add file contents to the index
mv Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink
reset Reset current HEAD to the specified state
rm Remove files from the working tree and from the index

examine the history and state (see also: git help revisions)
bisect Use binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug
grep Print lines matching a pattern
log Show commit logs
show Show various types of objects
status Show the working tree status

grow, mark and tweak your common history
branch List, create, or delete branches
checkout Switch branches or restore working tree files
commit Record changes to the repository
diff Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc
merge Join two or more development histories together
rebase Reapply commits on top of another base tip
tag Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG

collaborate (see also: git help workflows)
fetch Download objects and refs from another repository
pull Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch
push Update remote refs along with associated objects

'git help -a' and 'git help -g' list available subcommands and some
concept guides. See 'git help <command>' or 'git help <concept>'
to read about a specific subcommand or concept.
and my environment variable has been added C:\Program Files\Git\bin

I do not understand what I did not do ......

help !!

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Re: 'git' is not installed, or not available in PATH

Post by [gs] aMies » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:18 pm

This is an issue with the McMyAdmin software when trying to pull the CraftBukkit plugin automatically. If you'd like, we can install CraftBukkit for you manually. Simply submit a support ticket with the request from your Control Panel at http://my.gameservers.com

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