Cant craft?

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Cant craft?

Post by Br0tella » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:25 pm

I set up a minecraft pocket edition server yesterday with game servers and when i go on the server / anyone else does, crafting doesn't work. I've tried everything from completely wiping the sever to deoping myself, changing gamemodes, restarting the server, installing and removing plugins etc and nothing seems to work, ive changed the world maps etc as well as enabling/removing spawn protection. It lets me destroy blocks and place blocks, but there seems to be a glitch/bug that when i try to craft in the 2 x 2 inventory crafting thing it lets me craft but then after a second it resets it back to the orginal item, e.g if i try to craft wood blocks into wood planks it works then changes the planks back into wood blocks. and there also seems to be a duplication glitch where if i have 1 wood block it will show as me having 2 etc and then again glitch out when i try to craft. the same issue happens with crafting tables, and even if i get a crafting table crafted after a few seconds it will go back to wood. Anyone experienced this issue/know a fix?

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Re: Cant craft?

Post by [gs] neogen » Thu May 11, 2017 6:26 pm

This appears to be a bug with the latest build of pocketmine. When the build has updated with a fix for this issue we will make the update available for our servers.

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