HLSW Supports BRINK!!

General support for the upcoming PC game Brink
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HLSW Supports BRINK!!

Post by SayUNKLE » Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:29 pm

Thankfully HLSW has produced! Brink admins can now login to Rcon access and admin variables. Granted I have not thoroughly tested all functionality, but this is leaps from where I was....

HLSW (Beta) (22. June 2011)
Added support for games using a TCP-based query protocol
Added support for games that HLSW could not automatically detect by entering the ip address
Added game selection drop down box in front of the address bar.
Not detectable games are displayed in the address bar as ip:port/<game>
Extended HLSW URLs and ip:port field: Supporting now ip:port/<game> additionally to ip:port?Game=<game>
New Tools: TeampSpeak 2, TeampSpeak 3
New Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (it is not possible to connect to game servers)
New Game: Brink (inclusive rcon support). Thanks to Matthias Schenzle for his support.
Browser: Added throbber
Browser: Back/Forward icons are disabled if the button would have no effect
SSLF Import: Minor faults in SSLF files produce now only warnings and do not stop loading the file.
Added text server lists as import/export
HL2: Supporting the new S2A_LOGSTRING2 UDP packet for receiving server log
BugFix: Browser: Problems on resize on win7
BugFix: Server Details View: The country flag of the last game server was displayed if no country was availables
BugFix: D3 rcon was not working
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Re: HLSW Supports BRINK!!

Post by Aschevii » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:07 pm

that program crashes my gameservers.com game server


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