Pre-sales FAQ - Updated

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Pre-sales FAQ - Updated

Post by shinobi » Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:01 am

Some Pre-sales questions for you:

Q: How long until my server is up and running?

A: Game servers, voice servers, and websites will be up and running in a maximum of 60 minutes; usually under 15 minutes! Dedicated servers can take up to 72 hours to be installed. If payment is made by credit card or PayPal ( these are all instantly received payments ) Checks, Money orders and PayPal e-checks have delays so your account will not be activated until we recieve the payment.

Q: What do you offer with your game servers?

A: We provide a free clan website, for your clan to use as a forum or a place to give news information to other clan members. We also provide a discounted voice server ( ) - 50% off the website listed pricing!

Q: If I need help who do I contact?

A: We have staff available 24/7, your best method for support is via our ticket system based in your members section at please note you MUST be logged into the support system in order to request any support on your account for security reasons. We also provide LIVE support on IRC! Forums are also another great way for staff to help you with your problem and also some of our dedicated customers enjoy helping you out!

Q: What are your server specifications?

A: Our servers are currently going through upgrades, all new servers being deployed are dual quad core 2.5ghz Xeons, 8-16gb RAM, and massive hard drive space!

Q: I want to upload some maps how much space can I use?

A: We do not have any limits on the space you can use on your game servers, you can use as much space as you like as long as it is for game server related material.

Q: If we are not happy with your service can we get our money back?

A: As long as it is within the first 5 days of your service we are happy to refund money you have paid. We are so confident that you will be happy with your servers that we offer a no questions asked 5 day money back guarantee, few game servers provide customers with this security.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, on-line Credit Card processing (- we do not hold your credit card details a merchant credit card company does so) and give you the ability to mail us your payment for your server as a money order or check.

Q: Do you have a telephone number?

A: We do however we prefer you use our ticket system, or IRC before asking for the telephone number. Using the phone we are unable to track progress on fixing your issue as well as we can when you submit a ticket. If you have an urgent billing issue (credit card used without your permission) then please contact us immediately on the telephone number on your statement.

Q: Do you offer any sort of clan payment system?

A: Yes we do! We have our very own ClanPay system, this means that you can provide your clan with a link on your website. They can click it and have the options to donate money to your next months bill by using PayPal. You can even select which information you wish to show on the ClanPay link if you do not want your clan members knowing your personal information. You NEVER need to provide them access to your account.

Q: A friend of mine wants to help out running the server how can I give him access without giving him access to the whole account?

A: We offer a system that allows you to create sub-user accounts, you can set how much access you would like them to have, you can give them FTP access or allow them to restart your server via the web control panel. Please note sub users do not have access to your billing information, account settings or any other panel features. They CANNOT submit support tickets either on the main account holder can do so.

Q: Do you support this game?

A: If the game is not listed on this page: then we do not support the game currently if you wish to suggest a game then please do so here:

Q: I would like a job working for Game Servers?

A: currently there are no jobs available apart from at our New Jersey office, if you are interested please submit a support ticket requesting the attention of Mr. Anthony Quon the Game Servers Manager.

Q: I heard someone say click my link? What is this about?

A: We offer one of the best affiliate programs in the Game Server market, if people sign up using your affiliate link and stay a customer longer than 1 month then you have the choice of either $25 dollars CASH payable via check to yourself or you can have how ever much they spent on there servers after they signed up using your link in ACCOUNT CREDIT this is non-refundable but means you might never have to pay for your server AGAIN!

Q: My clan friends want to donate to help me run the server, does GameServers offer a way to do this?

A: Yes of course! With ClanPay, your members area provides you with a link which you can give out to your members or visitors. By following the link, any payment your members make through the link gets registered with your account, without requiring you to give out your members area login id or password to them! The money they donate can only go directly to your account and its subscriptions. If you request a refund of this money when it is eligible for a refund, it can only be sent directly back to its payment source in the order that it was received.

Q: Summarize for me, why is Game Servers the company for me?

A: Why? Because we run a purely tier 1 network, this means we only using premium providers such as Level 3, SAVVIS and INTERNAP we have direct peering with most major ISP's. We have honest 24x7 support in all tiers including billing and networking departments. We have an advanced control panel which allows you to configure your server and install mods on your server. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our 5 day no questions back money back guarantee!

Oh, also we have this cool bot which owns our competitors :)

If you are not a current customer and need some questions answered email us! at or for one of staff members to assist you.
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