Problems with my server

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Problems with my server

Post by Benedict63 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:10 am

Hi - Im new to running a server so go easy ...

I rented a gameserver this month for a group of friends so we could guarantee a decent ping
(sick of pinion servers etc) and also to try some custom campaigns.

Paid for the server - installed fireftp and installed dark parish and dark center on my server.

Tried the maps out in Campaign mode (in the afternoon) on the server with bots and all works fine ... nice steady pings around 50ms.

Create a Lobby in the evening and my friends all join and we cannot connect to my server.

Also I paid for a Private server but last night found 3 russians playing on it - thought that was impossible since its not shown to the public!

Posted a ticket to support but no reply in 24 hours.

Any ideas other than demand a refund and rent from someone else?

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