Please help! A problem with L4D2 server...

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Please help! A problem with L4D2 server...

Post by AwesomeRomchik » Sun May 12, 2013 10:11 am

Hello there, guys! I have just subscribed to a L4D2 server hosting, so i am new to it, and here is my problem: i cant just connect to my server, anything i try - i just fail! First, after the "Pending" status has been changed to "Active", first that i saw is uncommon to me banner with different to left 4 dead 2 map, ok, nevermind, i installed source and metatmod, i think that they are installed, thats what i am being said, and then restarted my server. So i just wanted to check if it works, but nope! I tried to connect to it with several ways: 1)I typed while in game in console: mm_dedicated_force_servers, then tried to start a game while in lobby, it didnt start. 2)Then i typed just: connect - no answer from server. :x And finally i browsed it in in-game server browser with my hostname that i set through the GS panel, it didnt find my server... So please, what should i do? :( Should i reinstall it? I connected with FTP to it, everything seems to be fine there...

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Re: Please help! A problem with L4D2 server...

Post by barniani » Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:29 am

Hi buddy, quick one here please. Were you able to create a support ticket as well? Were you given an answer too?

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