L4D beginners server problems

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The Scum
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L4D beginners server problems

Post by The Scum » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:32 am

Ok, first off i would like to say that i am new to server managing and i have no idea about most thing and have tried my best to find info myself for my l4d server....

But i need basic info for a few things.

Installing a mod like votemanager and beetlesmod, but i cant get the mods to work.

Votemanager: i downloaded votemanager.smx but i can not find a way to get it to work nor find info on how to install/activate it.

BeetlesModL4D: Need to know how to get this mod to work, i uploaded it and have tried to find the answers on forums and sites but without success.

Thank you for any help provided

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Post by chimy » Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:06 pm

I believe the vote manager plugin is related to Source Mod.

For BeetlesMod, there are installation instructions for Counter-Strike Source that can be used to install L4D (since they're basically the same) But by the looks of the instructions, BeetlesMod is only for Windows servers. GameServers uses Linux.

On the other hand, SourceMod has both Windows and Linux (if you'd like to use it). They have lots of support on their forums and plugins are made by community members, so it is constantly evolving.

It's best not to have both SourceMod and Beetles, since they can conflict because of commands and such.

Hope this helps.

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