Help Needed adding Mutators to KF_Server_launcher.bat file

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Help Needed adding Mutators to KF_Server_launcher.bat file

Post by Deathrow Bo Dean » Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:54 pm

As of now I only have 3 muts install., the KF-Slot Machine, KF-Bots and Infinite Dosh. I added them to the KF_Server_Launcher.bat The only one that is working is the Slot machine mutator. How do you seperatemutators on the
KF_Server_Launcher.bat ? I have them listed on the KF_Server_Launcher.bat like this:

"ucc server Kf-BioticsLab.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSercred=ture?MaxPlayers=6?Mutator=KFMutSlotMachine.MutSlotMachit?Mutator=KFBots.KFBotsMut?Mutator=?InfiniteDosh.InfiniteDosh"

( all of the above is on one line and without the quotation marks.)

I'm wondering if I have the mutators listed correctly on the string. do you have to put the Mutator = for each mutator? Or can the mutators be seperated without using Mutator= for each mutator?

I have KF and all of the above mutators installed on the pc that iI use to play on and join my dedicated server. On my game playing computer these mutators work just fine when i host KF as a listen server. however when i use this computer to connect to my dedicated server, i can join and play on it ok and login as the server admin. ( i can't seem to get the Web Admin interface to work so thats why i need to use add mutators to the KF_server_launcher.bat file. Please help if you can... DBD

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Re: Help Needed adding Mutators to KF_Server_launcher.bat fi

Post by [gs] Dr. Worm » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:54 pm

Put in a support ticket and our admins can assist you with this.

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