[Crysis 1] RCON Commands

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[Crysis 1] RCON Commands

Post by [gs] xvx » Thu Nov 15, 2007 7:49 pm

Game/Client Cvars

g_loadMod - ?

Multiplayer Commands
disconnect - Stop a game (or a client or a server)
connect - Start a client and connect to a server
g_quickGame - Quick connect to good server.
name - Sets player name.
net_pb_cl_enable - Sets PunkBuster client enabled state
spectator - Sets the player as a spectator.
startKickVoting - Initiate voting.
startNextMapVoting - Initiate voting.
status - Shows connection status
team - Sets player team.

General Commands
con_restricted - 0=normal mode / 1=restricted access to the console
g_skipIntro [0] - Skip all the intro videos.
Bind - Bind a action to a key
LoadConfig - Load .cfg file from disk (from the Game/Config directory) - LoadConfig
map - Load a map
record - Starts recording of a time demo. - record demoname ('demoname.tmd' will be created)
stoprecording - Stops recording of a time demo.
restartgame - Restarts Crysis completely.

Server Cvars

General Settings
g_autoteambalance - Enables auto team balance.
sv_cheatprotection [1] - Enable cheat protection
sv_gamerules [PowerStruggle] - The game rules that the server should use, (PowerStruggle/InstantAction)
sv_lanonly [0] = Set 1 for LAN games.
sv_levelrotation [levelrotation] - Sequence of levels to load after each game ends.
sv_map - The map the server should load
sv_maxplayers [32] - Maximum number of players allowed to join server.
sv_maxspectators [32] - Maximum number of players allowed to be spectators during the game.
sv_password - Server password
sv_port [64087] - Server address
sv_servername - Server name will be displayed in server list. If empty, machine name will be used.

Advanced Settings
g_fraglead - Number of frags a player has to be ahead of other players once g_fraglimit is reached. Default is 1.
g_fraglimit - Number of frags before a round restarts. Default is 0, 0 means no frag-limit.
g_minplayerlimit - Minimum number of players to start a match.
g_minteamlimit - Minimum number of players in each team to start a match.
g_pp_scale_income - Scales incoming PP. [1]
g_pp_scale_price - Scales PP prices. [1]
g_preroundtime [8] - Frozen time before round starts. Default is 8, 0 Disables freeze time.
g_roundlimit [0] - Maximum numbers of rounds to be played. Default is 0, 0 means no limit.
g_roundtime [0] - Duration of a round (in minutes). Default is 0, 0 means no time-limit.
g_MPDeathCam - Enables / disables the MP death camera (shows the killer's location)
g_spectate_TeamOnly [0] - If true, you can only spectate players on your team
g_teamlock [2] - Number of players one team needs to have over the other, for the game to deny joining it. 0 disables.
g_tk_punish [1] - Turns on punishment for team kills.
g_tk_punish_limit [5] - Number of team kills user will be banned for.
net_pb_sv_enable - Sets PunkBuster server enabled state
sv_ranked [0] - Enable statistics report, for official servers only.
sv_timeofdayenable [0] - Enables time of day simulation.
sv_timeofdaylength [1] - Sets time of day changing speed.
sv_timeofdaystart [12] - Sets time of day start time.
sv_voting_cooldown [180] - Voting cooldown
sv_voting_ratio [0.51] - Part of player's votes needed for successful vote
sv_voting_team_ratio [0.67] - Part of team member's votes needed for successful vote.
sv_voting_timeout [60] - Voting timeout in seconds.
sv_gs_report [1] - Enable Gamespy server reporting, this is necessary for NAT negotiation
sv_gs_trackstats [1] - Enable Gamespy stats tracking
sv_autoconfigurl - Automatically download configuration data from a URL
sv_bind [] - Bind the server to a specific IP address
sv_packetRate [30] - Packet rate on server
sv_bandwidth [50000] - Bit rate on server
sv_voicecodec [speex] - Codec to use for voice.

sv_restart - Restarts the round.
sv_say - Broadcasts a message to all clients.
g_nextlevel - Switch to next level in rotation or restart current one.
ban - Bans player for (ban_timout) minutes from server. [See ban_timeout]
ban_remove - Removes player from ban list.
ban_status - Shows currently banned players.
ban_timeout - Ban timeout in minutes
kick - Kicks player from game
kickid - Kicks player from game
kill - Kills the player
rcon_command - Issues a console command from a RCON client to a RCON server
rcon_connect - Connects to a remote control server
rcon_disconnect - Disconnects from a remote control server
rcon_startserver - Starts a remote control server
rcon_stopserver - Stops a remote control server
net_next_map - Notify clients of the next map to play

Other Settings/Commands
http_startserver - Starts an HTTP server
http_stopserver - Stops an HTTP server
sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0] - Sets the target CPU usage when running as a dedicated server, or disable this feature if it's zero. Usage: sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0..100].
sv_DedicatedMaxRate [50] - ets the maximum update rate when running as a dedicated server. Usage: sv_DedicatedMaxRate [5..500]

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Post by rbrtben » Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:18 pm

XvX result m8 nice 1

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Post by knaggsy » Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:22 pm

Ok ok,

My server is all setup. RCON works because i can login and use sv_say.

Downside is i cant kick or ban people? How do you do this?

Ive tried

rcon_command kick nomad
rcon_command kicknomad
rcon_command kick [nomad]
rcon_command kick "nomad"
rcon_command kick ["nomad"]

kick nomad
kick [nomad]
kick "nomad"
kick ["nomad"]

BUt yet no avail. Why do i have a sever which i cant administrate?

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Post by mobious » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:20 am

rcon_command kick nomad

Should have worked. Pay attention to when you logged into RCON make sure it doesnt disconnect you soon after.
I dont think it makes a difference but try making the first K in kick capitol.... rcon_command Kick nomad

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Post by <USA>MAD-DAWG » Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:58 pm

I wanna be rcon of this server
I like...Shot your mom. =|

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Post by Domagoj » Sat Jul 19, 2008 6:20 am

u cant

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Re: RCON Commands

Post by JohnKirby » Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:04 pm

wait, how to active rcon in your server? do i have to add something to the command line startup? so one please help.

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Re: RCON Commands

Post by JohnKirby » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:20 pm

<Option setting="net_pb_sv_enable" />

so how do I paste them??
I am doing this through gameservers.com member login page.
Does this go in the
Main Server Configuration (/dedicated.cfg)
Map Cycle (/LevelRotation.xml)

Where some one please assist me.

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Re: RCON Commands

Post by JohnKirby » Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:01 pm

Is there a command for to DISS ABLE "kick idles"
I don't want my server to keep idle players because the server is empty most of the time.

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Re: RCON Commands

Post by JohnKirby » Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:50 pm

anyone read these forums?

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