Mapcycle with ctf and one sniper map

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DamainMan Forum Newb
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Mapcycle with ctf and one sniper map

Post by DamainMan » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:58 pm

I have a map cycle on my sever, which is ctf, and I want to put one sniper map in there, but I only want the sniper rifle, shot gun, knife, pistol, and armor.. What do I need to add to the map cycle with the sniper map? Here is what I have for one on the ctf maps in the mapcycle.

g_gametype "ctf"
timelimit "20"
capturelimit "15"
dmflags "8"
g_motd "^1Loading Shop2 ^3Next=Jordan"
g_speed "380"
scorelimit "15"
g_pickupsdisabled "0"

[gs] Ordinance
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Post by [gs] Ordinance » Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:11 pm

Damain, you would have to restrict all of the other weapons in your config file.

Crazy Pre@cher
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the weapons can be set direct on the server

Post by Crazy Pre@cher » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:26 am

By adding the wepons on the server

/ Disable or enable weapons
seta disable_weapon_knife "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_US_SOCOM "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M19 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_silvertalon "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_microuzi "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M3A1 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_MP5 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_USAS_12 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M590 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_MSG90A1 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M4 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_AK_74 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_SIG551 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M60 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_RPG_7 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_MM_1 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M84 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_SMOHG92 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_AN_M14 "2"
seta disable_pickup_weapon_M15 "2"
seta disable_nightvision "2"
seta disable_thermal "2"
seta disable_armor "2"
seta g_weaponMod "mod.wpn"

get aweapon mod from your provider
that will aloud you to change the amos of each weapon

I run a snipers only server where you have only asnipers riffle and a knife that you cant even throw SOF 2 snipers Noble pro Mod + bots Full W + bots

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Re: Mapcycle with ctf and one sniper map

Post by gonalolly » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:26 am

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