Server Weirdness?

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Server Weirdness?

Post by mookus » Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:33 am

Howdy Folks -

I've been getting reports for months now, off and on, about strange behavior on our SoF2 server - specifically, random players, at random times, being very difficult to kill.

Note that this isn't particular players always being suspiciously hard to kill, and being reported to me as hackers; this is different players whom I know very well, most of them clanmates, complaining because sometimes *they* themselves are hard to kill, and can't understand why.

It seems to have no rhyme or reason, sometimes nothing is reported for days or weeks, it doesn't always affect the same players. We do use a custom soundpack and a custom 'weapon' config to modify the amount of ammo some weapons have, but both of these files have been in use for literally years and have never caused anything like this.

None of the files on our server have been tampered with as far as I can tell, nothing new has been added, and I have already twice completely replaced every single file from backups that predates these reports by years.

I'm pretty much at a loss to explain or fix this - has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on how to proceed?


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Post by unknownorigin » Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:36 am

ok the other problem is gone now i have a new one ,i just tryed to get in,but ran into another problem ,i didn't see the previous words in red,it instead wen't to the SOF program and said in white letters " could not download "rocmod/ROCMOD-2.1 client pk3 becuase autodownloading is disabled on the server.
the server you are connectiing to is not a pure server,set autodownloading to no in your settings and you might be able to join the game anyway..

what do i do,becuase support isn't really helping me, and the forums aren't much help but maybe someone can help me out there,i would really apprecite it..

thank you veery much

peace love and blessings


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