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CS:S build tips

Post by hydrozilla » Thu May 30, 2013 9:30 am

I made a list as I installed my new pubs mods, to make it easier to reinstall if need be. I think it could be handy to new server owners as alot of this info is scattered everywhere.

With a fresh clean new gameserver, I installed these via control panel/mods tab

SourceMod (Full Install)
SourceMod (Update Only)

Everything below installed via ftp , I use Filezilla, alot of these just drop in pluggins folder. All require some adjustment or cvars added to configs.I had a link for each item to alliedmods forums for download but spam filter wont allow me to include them. I would edit it later and add urls if admin allows.

[CSS/CS:GO] Weapon Restrict Version: 3.0.9

Anti-TK Manager Version 1.1.3

Damage report/stats (1.1.13)

AFK Manager (Version 3.5.0 / Updated November 8th 2012)
Download using the "Get Plugin" link and save to your addons\sourcemod\plugins directory.
Download the "afk_manager.phrases.txt" and save to your addons\sourcemod\translations directory

Extra Cash Version: 0.2
after plugin installed add these to server config
extra_cash_on 1
extra_cash_amount 16000

If you add music or large maps, upgrade your server with a redirect in the upgrades section of gameservers control panel($5). slow downloads make peeps rage quit.

website: There was no preloaded scripts in my control panel. I used phpBB ver 3.0.11 for forums. Good Luck!

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