Halo CE - Texmod - Tutorial (Customized Skins)

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Halo CE - Texmod - Tutorial (Customized Skins)

Post by Grimzz » Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:49 pm

Announcement made at bottom.


* This is a simplified solution for using TexMod. The information, test, etc comes from a programmer name Mr. K that I have the pleasure of knowing.

Description: To allow custom skins (texture modifications) to weapons and vehicles among other things in halo CE - for the regular (client) player. This means only you'll see the sexy/crappy looking modifications, and not everyone else. (See video at bottom)

-note- For the anti-reader -> Important things to read are:
Steps [1,pre,2], Downside, Downside reversed, and Downloads


Ok, so here it is:

Step 1: You'll need to download the package K compiled and unzip it using any file decompression software. It contains everything you need, including instructions on how to use them. The download is at bottom of this post above video

Pre-step 2: [Optional] - switch out your haloce.exe with one of 3 included modified ce executables. (all version 1.08 - for other versions see: downloads)
Chances are 9 out of 10 of you will want to do this optional step (read: The downside, downside reversed for info)

Step 2: Run TexMod.exe, choose target (haloce.exe), under "PACKAGE MODE", choose an available mod and click Run

Contents of file (explained in sections below):
TexMOD App : rendering
1.08 haloce.forced-console.exe : automatic -console switch in source
1.08 haloce.forced-console.forced-devmode.exe : automatic -console + -devmode switch in source
1.08 haloce.forced-console.forced-devmode.forced-use00.exe : automatic -console + -devmode + -use00 switch in source
MW2-camos skins for halo Pistol / AssaultRifle : Personal use
ReadMe.txt : Explains everything covered in this tutorial
Note: I've added additional modified exe's in the download section, to include support for Halo ce 1.00, 1.09, and also 1.08 -window mode exe's This way you will be able to run these skins on all versions and have the option of switching through version while in-game. (In-Game Console Commands)

Extra-tidbit: Version changer along with everything else will still function. The executables are provided to allow full functionality with halo and TexMod. The different versions of these modifications are included to prevent exception-errors with incompatible halo versions versus the included 1.08 exe's.


TexMod is a utility to find, save and modify Direct3D textures in DirectX 9 or greater(!) applications. In order to share and distribute texture modifications, packages can be created, which are both compressed and prevent a further modification. Benefits are that you don't have to modify any files of your application's installation and you don't need any game specific modding tools.

http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Guide_to ... e_graphics

also see:

http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pag ... icID=34546

The downside
The only downside is that parameters cannot be run through the program (they never got around to adding support for passing parameters xD). TexMod must run CE itself, as to attach it's (barely [nearly 0] resource consuming) process to haloce.
What I'm trying to say here is that.. you know that thing you add in a halo shortcut so you can use console? the "-console" , well you can't do that with this program. Those functions had to be hard-coded into being enabled [downside reversed]

Downside reversed
The GOOD news is this problem has been completely remedied by my intuition xD
Thanks to a friend's help (SLXenon - grandmaster of interwebular h4xation), halo is simply forced to execute select switches through modifications to haloce.exe.


Using TexMod

The use of this app is fairly simple; See:

To do your own work I suggest viewing the tutorial on the guild wiki located here:
http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Guide_to ... e_graphics



Main_file.package [][][][] http://www.mediafire.com/?v2pxt812n38fljr [][][][]
md5: 9bcfd89d44c1ecea766e65d8eead12cc
sha1: d0e997796ff4c7abfc43a6f3e07dc4a54184085b
Additional_exe's.1.08 [][][][] http://www.mediafire.com/?f48kp0y5j2awk1k [][][][]
1.09.exe's [][][][] http://www.mediafire.com/?d4d5i6z3uvie0zi [][][][]
1.00.exe's [][][][] http://www.mediafire.com/?727u742ng1kqep3 [][][][]

Please refer everyone to this same download rather than redistribute >.>
All mediafire files listed are K's uploads.

Extra: [ video of Mr. K testing / showing off some custom skins xD ] * Created and designed by K!

On a custom map! (Not stock map , if you have the right tools - textures & checksums) :


Converting skins to .tpf files:
Okay, what you do is make a notepad, put what's in red on it.

0xFB6B85B5|C:location of skin.dss - assault rifle.dss location here
^Checkcum ~ ^File location ~ ^Actual skin texture file

0xC44CA50F|Clocation of skin.dss - pistol.dss location here
0xF2C5A48E|C:location of skin.dss - sniper.dss location here

When you've filled it in, and modified the location of each dds file, save it as a .log file (save as-> choose type as "all files", and name it something.log, then open Texmod, find Package Build, select log file, put in details, creator's name, comment etc. then Build. save it anywhere. run it with Texmod and you're done. Once you get in game all the custom textures you have successfully added should be viable.


The original developer of TexMod is starting work on TexMod again

A few things you can expect:
- No need to start the game through TexMod, you can attach to running applications at any time
- Mod-packages can be added and removed while a game is running as well
- Much better performance (impact should be close to zero)
- Much better compatibility (it should work with alot more games, exceptions should be very rare)
- (Hopefully) alot of nice features to make finding textures as simple as possible

Additionally, DX10 and DX11 support is planned of course, but It's not high priority for now.


Halo Ltd http://www.mediafire.com/?or3fglilb96nbqi


Textures Pictures

This area will help you to differ the many texture pictures you log, because some of them you might not recognize. I will be constantly updating this section, note that not every texture might be here, due to existing thousands of textures. You can either find ones that not located here on the web , or HMT bitmaps.

Pistol - 0xC44CA50F

Sniper - 0xF2C5A48E

Shotgun - 0xF88FD83A

Assault Rifle - 0xFB6B85B5

Rocket Hog Body - 0xAC59DF9E

Gun Hog Body - 0x69C18963

Grass (for maps like bloodgulch, timberland, etc.) - 0x2DFB03A5

BG base (top floor) - 0xD2620C07

BG Cliff (not sure if it works for other similar maps) - 0xEB8E323A

BG Dirt (ground) - 0x2AFF4632

Shield -0x7D796B06

BG Teleporter Color (skin is 64x64) - 0x9448421D

BG Ground Layout (skin is 512x512)

BG Base Block Shields (skin is 256x256) - 0xBC4142A1

BG Base Interior (skin is 512x512) - 0x2C4581F8

? BG Base Teleporter Light (skin is 8x8) - 0x9BEE1F49

BG Base Border+Teleporter surrounding (skin is 512x256) - 0xB4743D19

Sky for bloodgulch, deathisland, etc. - 0x834A984F

Teleporter Exit Light - 0xED9BA2F1

Teammate Arrow - 0xEF549445

Back of Sniper Scope - 0xA2761B6F


* Hope this tutorial helps/improves a lot of Halo CE gamers in there time playing the game. It's will help you have much more fun on the game and inspire you to put your mind to something new, and fairly easy. If this was not suppose to be posted here or if there is another place it can be please move it. If it was not suppose to be posted here at all please forgive me , and take actions accordingly.

If you have any questions you can add me on xfire. (via forums signature)

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Re: Halo CE - Texmod - Tutorial (Customized Skins)

Post by tidaltides » Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:52 pm

I was hoping to get this type of tutorial and you have made it all work. Thanks for sharing such complete guide.

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Post by Halo Player19 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:28 pm

Can you make please for VERSION 1.0.10?Thanks and by the way im new member to this forum and im so glad that im member of this great website,I hope u are too well thank you so much for responding back.Have nice day

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