How do you add modded maps, weapons & all to servers?

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How do you add modded maps, weapons & all to servers?

Post by Punisher84 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:18 pm

I'm new to this whole making a server. I'm trying to find a easy way to add modded maps, weapons & all to my Halo Combat Evolved server. Is there a easy site that can help me with this, like a list of mods I can add to my server? If so please help me. :-)

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Re: How do you add modded maps, weapons & all to servers?

Post by Kazzaw » Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:04 am


Using a support ticket is the quickest and easiest way to get a response to questions

I do not work for or am not associated with Gameservers in any way. All information shared is that of my own knowledge gathered and may not be correct.

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Re: How do you add modded maps, weapons & all to servers?

Post by FIGGYJAM » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:40 pm

I've been modding Halo for years, just the easy stuff though.

For Halo PC: If you want players to see your mods without them having to have a copy of the map downloaded onto their PC, you can only do the following:
  • Import Vehicles into maps that don't have vehicles (use HMT and SparkEdit together)
  • Add/Move/Remove Vehicles, Spawn Points and other objects that ARE NOT scenery (SparkEdit)
  • Add/Remove Camos, Shiellds, Teleports and Health Packs (SparkEdit)
  • Remove Fall Damage (HMT)
  • Swiping weapon shots (HHT)
Do not attempt to change your size or speed. You may see the difference, but other players may not, or the server will lag. Also, don't bother trying to make Warthogs fly. Again, it causes server lag. As mentioned, you can move/add/remove objects that are NOT scenery. Do NOT attempt to move trees, bushes, rocks, protective shields (not the small red boxes) or any other item that does NOT respawn. Players need the modded maps downloaded to see these particular mods.

Now to install custom game types, first of all, make the game type on your own computer. We'll call it ctf3. Close Halo, then go here:
Documents\My Games\Halo\savegames - Depending on your version of Windows, it may say "My Documents".

Look for the ctf3 folder. You will need to copy this folder to your server. I use FileZilla, which is a FTP client. Copy ctf3 to your server on this path: <acct#>/halo/cg/savegames. On your FTP client, you should be looking at the contents of the savegames folder and now see ctf3 in it.

To copy your modded game to Gameservers:
  • First, back up your original maps. There are different ways of doing this. You can get the originals from various cab files from your Halo CD, or copy the existing maps from your game server into a new folder on the server.
  • Open Explorer to the path where your modded game type is saved
  • On your FTP client, go to this folder: <acct#>/halo/maps.
  • Copy your mod here and replace the old map.
So your init file will include a line like this:
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "ctf3"

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