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General Support & Discussion related to the America's Army Series including honor and non-honor servers.
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Guide Name: AAH: Step by Step Guide For Enabling Honor
Description: This is an exclusive Americas Army HONOR only guide, learn how to setup your brand new honor server so you can actually enable honor at ... 9657#99657
Last Updated: 01/17/07

Guide Name: AA: Armyops.ini Settings
Description: Information on the armyops.ini file which contains all of the servers configuraiton information. This guide will show you what settings do what as the armyops.ini may be complicated for some.
Last Updated: 08/14/06

Guide Name: AA: Master Admin Command & Console Command Guide
Description: This guide contains a full command list of the both client and server side of America's Army. This contains commands for console, pb, admin, maplists, everything the game has to offer!
Last Updated: 08/14/06

Guide Name: AA: How to change maps in-game as admin.
Description: Learn how to change the map in game and not using and out of game admin tool.
Last Updated: 09/04/05

Guide Name: AA: How to enable PunkBuster on your server.
Description: Want to enable punkbuster on your AA server? Read this!
Last Updated: 08/14/05

Guide Name: AA: How To Authorize Americas Army Servers
Description: Is your server not authorized? Read on to authorize your server here.
Last Updated: 05/12/05

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Want To Contribute?: Many of our clients love contributing back to the community, for those interested in creating a guide simply create a thread in this forum related exclusively to this game and email with the thread link. All emails will be responded to!
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