GS is three for three with me

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GS is three for three with me

Post by dgamble » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:53 pm

Just wanted to leave a comment about getting good, fast customer service (and remembering two other cases of similar) can turn an otherwise annoying day into a pretty good one.

First case, thanks to STAFF (_) for quickly helping with a billing question on upgrading my Minecraft server to accommodate more people and run a rather beefy mod pack!

Second case, thanks to Matthew France (Kallo) and Jake Bauer (Spyder) for the quick response in installing Tekkit on that same server.

And in the third case, my server all but died recently, necessitating a full wipe and reset. This post isn't to complain about that--as many moving parts as Tekkit has, I'm not surprised it happened. Third case is, thanks to James Wong for not only quickly installing FTB Lite 3, but going beyond just the link I had originally sent (which, despite being on the FTB page, didn't include a link to download the server files!) to open up the FTB Launcher to find the server files there before I could do so myself. Thanks to taking that extra step, less than half an hour after I submitted the original ticket, FTB Lite 3 was up and running on my server.

So that's three out of three happily resolved customer service tales. Thanks again to everyone listed here for making the day a little better.

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Re: GS is three for three with me

Post by [gs] Dr. Worm » Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:09 am

We're very glad to hear things are working well for you. I'll send your compliments to Jake, Matthew and James.

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