First Week Impression

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First Week Impression

Post by Ser Rikari » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:00 am

I have run many servers in my time but never a Counter Strike: Global Offensive server.

Just two days ago I purchased a server through to join in on the fun of owning one of these servers. I was astounded at the amount of simplicity this host provides for the customer. I'm so used to opening up a server and immediately having to do some manual coding.

After learning about how I can put maps in a collection on the workshop and adding this collection to my server, I decided I would attempt this. Of course, I overlooked a few issues such as a map not working correctly and people reporting it (duh me).

I was confused about why it wasn't working. So I put a ticket in and almost immediately, I received a response from support with a few questions regarding what I needed help with. Within 24 hours, we figured out what was wrong with the server and, now, the server runs great.

One support message was a bit late but they apologized for it (which I don't mind waiting as I'm not exactly in a hurry to get the server out the door). They handled my tickets with positivity and knowledge and helped me figure out the issue in a polite and helpful manner.

This is the first server host I've ever had that was willing to assist me with issues in such a professional manner. I give these guys an A++ and the service the same for my first week impression.

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