What someone thinks after 4 years.

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What someone thinks after 4 years.

Post by henk717 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:47 am

I have had the same half life 2 deathmatch server for 4 years now with this company wich means i should have a very good impression of the service they give.

First of all the server performance is great and they seem to keep up the quality by upgrading servers when nessisary.
I seem have to hit the "unlimited" diskspace limit about 3 times over the years and they always upgraded the machine quickly and free of charge.
About a year ago they have even migrated my software to a newer machine on a faster network to keep up with the requirements other games had resulting in an even faster performing server allowing me to go wild on the possiblity's.
With the bandwith they provide and a few tweaks to the game i now get reports of players from all over the world that they eigther have a lag free or reasonable connection. The only players who dont eigther live extremely far away such as asia (server is in europe) or have slow internet connections (usually a combination of both).

The redirect service is very handy as they handle all the uploads for you and it even automatically bzip's the files of my server allowing faster downloads. Files that are not frequently used will be deleted after a certain time period but once these files need to be accessed a reupload will start right away.
This does mean that if you want to do an event with certain large content files it is adviced to predownload them so you users get the content quicker.

In these 4 years i had multiple problems with the server such as lacking HDD space or other machine or network related issues both on the software and hardware side where for example they ran 3 instances of the server program causing bugs with the addons.
That is where the 24/7 support comes in as they usually help me out within a day and otherwise they notify you the issue has been forwarded to the right staff who is going to take a more indepth look.
My overall satisfaction with the support is very good as they always got my issues fixed in a reasonable time and sometimes even way faster then i could ever expect them to fix an issue.

The control panel is decent and allows you to easily edit your server config.cfg and perform restarts.
It also allows you to hand out (limited) accounts to your admins so they can perform a variaty of tasks such as uploading files or performing server restarts.
I would have liked more control over the FTP server so i can give admins permissions to certain folders only.
While the plugin installations in the control panel can be usefull i see that the version numbers are outdated and it is probabbly not the best way to get your server addons. So i do not recommand using this feature except for the Steam Update function.

So in general if you are looking to host a source engine game i can say that gameservers.com will probabbly be a very good hosting provider for you and it should suit your needs.
The performance of the servers is excellent and the support is ready to help you out in case anything breaks.
The redirect service takes all the hassle of file uploading and bzipping and it is really a install and forget.

Gameservers.com i am very happy with all the good years of service you provided me and i will keep using your excellent hosting as long as the game gets enough players.

A happy consumer,

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