Testimonial from a Danish dude.

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Testimonial from a Danish dude.

Post by Xolle » Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:17 pm

Hi all.

First off, sorry if my english skills isn´t perfect ! Not my native language..

I´m really plesed whit my gameserver - i´ve got 1x cod4 price is pretty much same as most places. I allso really like the control panel from which you can control your gameserver - tho I might
say it looks a bit "old fashion" and might need a newer look. The control panel is very easy to use - and serves my need for what i need to change/add/ modify. Perfect !!
I may add - the server has been running for about a week and have NOT failed once ! Running perfectly!
The ticket service - Well from the ADD´s leading us all to gameservers.com I did expect that i got quicker answer from the moment I post a new ticket. I did this 3 times on diffrent subjects.
1 time i had to wait around 7 houres. The next 2-3 times it was whit in few houres 1 or 2 - which i find okay.
The servers is perfect tho - when answers come it does answer my quastion.

The website i REALLY DO NOT understand that you need to build everything up useing DB & Scripts -
I toke a look and quick realized i never had a chance to make a website. The help is poor on this subject
if you dont have any exprience. I look at the help videos - which didnt have any voice telling what it did or why you had to do it this way - which left me clueless !
I had a website at enjin(dot)com which was EASY - no scripts, no Databases and stuff i know nothing about -
just a few clicks and you had a pro looking website.
I belive for me this "free clan website" i gain from gameservers is worthless ! Which is a shame.
It should be something EVERYBODY could use - OR the information and help so be MUCH better...

To summon up:
Gameserver + access to this PERFECT !
Ticket service - Middel ! ( quicker responds everytime would make it perfect)
Free clanwebsite- Useless !!! A trap.

Hope it helped some of you !


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