Quake Live Server Wont Show Up In List

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Quake Live Server Wont Show Up In List

Post by WellingtonSears » Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:38 pm

Please bear in mind that I am new to the server hosting process, and having some issues in starting a server in Quake Live. A few days back I subscribed to have a server hosted in NY/NJ, all went well in signing up and I waited patiently for my server to show up in the list, but it didnt, after checking all the variables, and restarting multiple times, it still didnt show. The next day, I did a clean reinstall of the server, everything was fine for a few hours, I could see it in the list, and could join without issue. Now, for some reason, it has disappeared and have tried everything I could think of to find it in the server list. I can connect to the server just fine using the /connect command in the console, but it wont show up in the list anywhere. My servertype is 2 for the internet, master is set to 1, it seems that all should be okay, but something is lingering that is blocking the name from showing up. I dont have any filters set which would hide it or anything, so its kind of puzzling, being that im new to this business, some help would be appreciated!

Here is my current server config:
set sv_hostname "Quakeaholics FFA"
set sv_tags "ffa,quakeaholics,ny,nj,east" // Comma delimited field of server tags to show in server browser.
// Will automatically include gametype and some gameplay modifications.
// ex. "crouch slide, classic, space"
set sv_mapPoolFile "ffamappool.txt" // Map pool that the server will use. See default mapcycle.txt for format.
// Built in map pools: mappool.txt, mappool_ca.txt, mappool_ctf.txt, mappool_duel.txt,
// mappool_ffa.txt, mappool_race.txt, mappool_tdm.txt
set g_accessFile "access.txt" // Used to determine which 64-bit Steam IDs have admin access, or are banned.

set sv_maxClients "12" // How many players can connect at once.
set g_password "" // Set a server-wide password, and stop all users from connecting without it.
set sv_privateClients "0" // Reserve slots that can be used with sv_privatePassword.
set sv_privatePassword "" // Password to use in conjunction with sv_privateClients.
set com_hunkMegs "60" // May need to be increased for additional players.

// Flood protection will increment everytime the user sends a client command, ex. dropweapon, changing name, color
// model, or chatting. Set g_floodprot_maxcount to 0 to disable completely, but this will allow uncontrolled spam.
set sv_floodprotect "10" // Kick the player when they reach x commands, decreases by 1 every second
set g_floodprot_maxcount "10" // Kick the player when their userinfo flood counter reaches this level.
set g_floodprot_decay "1000" // Decrease the userinfo flood counter by 1 this often, in milliseconds.

// Add the below values for which callvotes should be DISABLED:
// map 1
// map_restart 2
// nextmap 4
// gametype 8 (ex: "/callvote map campgrounds" will be allowed, but "/callvote map campgrounds ca" will fail)
// kick 16
// timelimit 32
// fraglimit 64
// shuffle 128
// teamsize 256
// cointoss/random 512
// loadouts 1024
// end-game voting 2048
// ammo (global) 4096
// timers (item) 8192
set g_voteFlags "13418"
set g_allowVote "1" // Turn off all votes
set g_voteDelay "0" // Delay allowing votes for x milliseconds after map load.
set g_voteLimit "0" // Limit users to x votes per map.
set g_allowVoteMidGame "0" // Don't allow callvotes once the map has started
set g_allowSpecVote "0" // Allow spectators to call votes

set sv_warmupReadyPercentage "0.51" // Ratio of players that must be ready before the match starts.
set g_warmupDelay "15" // Wait x seconds before allowing match to start to allow all players to connect.
set g_warmupReadyDelay "0" // Force the game to start after x seconds after someone readies up.
set g_warmupReadyDelayAction "1" // Set to 1 to force players to spectator after g_warmupReady Delay, 2 to force ready up.

set g_inactivity "0" // Kick players who are inactive for x amount of seconds.
set g_alltalk "0" // 0: Limit voice comms to teams during match
// 1: Allow all players to talk to each other always
// 2: 1+ send back your own voice to yourself for testing

// System settings

// Uncomment and set below to use (server.cfg will override commandline!)
// set net_strict "1" // Quit out immediately if we can't bind the IP and port.
// set net_ip "" // Which IP to bind to. Blank will bind to all interfaces.
// set net_port "55555" // Which UDP port to bind to. Blank will start at 27960 and keep going up, if net_strict is 0.
set sv_serverType "2" // 0 = Offline, 1 = LAN, 2 = Internet
set sv_master "1" // Whether the server should respond to queries. Disable this to stop server from appearing in browser.
// (This will affect the LAN browser!)

set sv_fps "40" // Change how many frames the server runs per second. WARNING: Has not been tested extensively, and
// will have a direct impact on CPU and network usage!

// Exit the server if idle (not running a map) for a specified time. This will allow it to automatically restart
// in the case of a game error or other problem. A value of "1" is recommended, but not default, when you are running
// the server detached from the terminal.

set sv_idleExit "120"

// Enable remote console, provided through ZeroMQ. See zmq_rcon.py for simple client.
// ZMQ rcon binds on a separate port from the game server, and uses TCP. It must differ from the stats port if used.
// Rcon can not be enabled or disabled after launch, nor can the IP and port change. Password can, however.

// Uncomment and set below to use (server.cfg will override commandline!)
// set zmq_rcon_enable "1"
// set zmq_rcon_ip ""
// set zmq_rcon_port "28960"
// set zmq_rcon_password ""

// Enable ZeroMQ stats socket. This will not be much use without a client listening.
// See zmq_stats_verbose.py for example connect and stats printing.
// If not specified, the stats socket will default to the same IP and port as the game server, but on TCP.

// Uncomment and set below to use (server.cfg will override commandline!)
// set zmq_stats_enable "1"
// set zmq_stats_ip ""
// set zmq_stats_port ""
// set zmq_stats_password ""

// The server will run serverstartup when it finishes initializing, so start a random map from the map pool.
set serverstartup "startRandomMap"
// Or, start a map of your choosing (factory is required)
// set serverstartup "map campgrounds ffa"
Thank you!

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Re: Quake Live Server Wont Show Up In List

Post by [gs] GGemini » Tue May 31, 2016 7:46 pm


I apologize for the delay in response. Please open a new support ticket with our team so that we may be able to run debug procedures among other method to help resolve the issue.

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