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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:16 pm 
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I just got my server set up and its a Ranked server. I have a couple of questions, first one is about the server configuration. It lists 5 items in there:

Do i need to choose 1 or all of them to install? Also can i get a little clarification on these and what their used for.

Also since this is a Ranked server i am unable to install my server graphic image, does game servers need to install that for me? I did get bf2cc running and i am logging in through the daemon. Also this may be a stupid question but can someone inform me on how to use rcons while i am playing bf2. I forgot the steps on how to kick or bann someone or do i have to minimize and use my bf2cc to do that.


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Them 5 files are the only ones you can access on a ranked server. Those are installed automatically with your server. All that list does is give you access to edit those files.

For your server graphic, do you have the graphic posted anywhere? I just took one of our banners from our front page, copied the url from the pictures properties, went to bf2cc, clicked settings, demos and url tab, and pasted it in each of those 3 spaces for Sponsor Settings.

Best bet would probably be to upload that pic to some site like imgeshack, and take the url from there and paste it like I did above.


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