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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:50 am 
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Ticket OTV-877SF

Please get your 'administrative staff' to mobilize and get this server up and running A.S.A.P.

1. There is is no loot and I spawn in a new location as a 'bambi', (aka fresh spawn) each time.

2. My character from the public hive is not being synced with my server and it's supposedly 'public'.

3. The version is even wrong. It's not 0.59, it's 0.59131908 ........

4. By 12:10 AM tomorrow morning +08:00 UTC, you will have used up 3% of my total rental time in down-time. The server may be up, but it sure as **** isn't working and is therefore DOWN.

5. Your 'administrative staff' was sought after by David Palmer [staff] who was put in charge of my ticket after James Wong [staff] decided to 'jump ship', yet after more than 8 hours, there is no evidence this 'administrative staff' even exists.

I could've sworn that despite the negative reputation you have, that you'd have figured out to do a quality check before labeling the server as 'active'....

Here's a tip: Before you put the server in the hands of the customer, you try logging into the server yourself and see if it's working properly.... If it works, make it accessible by the customer. If it doesn't work, try to fix it instead of taking the precious time of your 'dear' customers' rental times and having them go out of their way to struggle to get attention from your (lying staff?)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [AN EMAIL]
Dear Customer,

Ticket OTV-877SF has been updated by James Wong [staff].


Your server has been updated. However, it appears that your server is having issues starting up. Have you made any recent changes to the server?

Thank you,
James Wong

To update or check the progress of your ticket, please login to and access your account.

My server was still just as broken after that email as it was before I even contacted support, so I'm not sure what was updated. The server also starts up perfectly fine from the looks of it so there's probably something else that they can see, which I can't. If that's the case, it's a mystery as to why 10+ hours after, that the problem is still not resolved.

I understand DayZ SA is not the best software you've come in contact with so I can understand that there WILL without a doubt, be problems. However, you appear to have a lot of customers so I'm boggled as to why your team isn't proficient with dealing with unfortunate matters like these already.

I've scoured the forums for other instances of this mishap and they're ALL OVER the place. This is NOT the first time you've seen this problem. I have read that in order to fix this, that you may have switch the server over to another IP? That could take some time but again this 'administrative staff' either doesn't exist or needs to make their existence and or effort known to the affected customer...

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:54 pm 
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Server successfully migrated, updated and is now up and running in just over a day. Thank you.

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