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About banning players
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Author:  Harper01 [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About banning players

monokrome wrote:
Hi there!
I have a quick question or 2 about banning players.

I've had issues with a player duping and cheating, and after opening a ticket with GS, I have their ''OK'' to kick/ban him because I had strong evidence.

Now, the #exec ban doesn't work for me. The only thing I have tried is #exec ban ''his ID which is a long string of numbers''.

Whenever i type #userlist I can only see 3 or 4 names legal steroids best for bulking cycle even if the server is half full. I lose all the other names in the side text and I can't scroll up or down to get his player number.

How do I go around this, get his actual player number, and ban him?

Also, obviously he is pissed that I repeatedly kick him so he reported my server to GS. Even if I have their ''OK'', does the fact that he reported me will get me in trouble? I hope GS keeps tabs on their tickets/reports and I'm hoping I'll be okay with doing this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

That page explains that "there are NO options to dispute or overturn account restrictions or bans", although the widespread nature of this issue would suggest it's a bug of some kind.

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