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This is based on the list of UT2004 commands (KF was originally a mod for ut2004 and it still shares the same engine - UE2.5). Some of them might be invalid, so please just report them and I'll update the list.

1. Getting to the Console
- To pop up the console, press ~ (tilde) or use the quick console (which displays a single line) that is available through the Tab key.
- Console commands are not case sensitive. ADDBOTS, addbots and AddBots work alike.

2. KF Admin Codes

      Log in as server administrator:
        - adminlogin pass
        - adminlogin user pass

      Do administrator log out:
        - adminlogout

    Add/Remove bots:
      admin addbots [amount]
      admin killbots
      admin killbots [amount]

    Kick/Ban a online player:
      admin kick [playername]
      admin kickban [playername]

    Say message as admin (text appears in middle of player's screen):
      admin adminsay [your message]

    Changes the current level to the specified level:
      admin switchlevel [mapname]
    admin switchlevel kf-farm.rom

    Pause the game:

    Server info:
      admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName [name]
      admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail [e-mail]
      admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MessageOfTheDay [Line1|Line2|Line3|Line4]
      admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName [name]

    Game settings:
      admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowBehindView True/False
      admin set Engine.GameInfo bAdminCanPause True/False
      admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators [amount]
      admin set Engine.GameInfoMaxPlayers [amount]
      admin set Accuracy [-1;0;1]
      admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowWeaponThrowing True/False
      admin set Engine.GameInfo bChangeLevels True/False
      admin set Engine.GameInfo bWeaponStay True/False
      admin set Engine.GameInfo GameDifficulty [dificulty]
        1.000000 (Beginner)
        2.000000 (Normal)
        3.000000 (Skilled)
        4.000000 (Hard)
        5.000000 (Suicidal)

    Fun codes:
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Playername [name]
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo bAdmin True/False
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Score [score]
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Ping [ping]
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo HasFlag
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Deaths [deaths]
      admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Team [Red;Blue;None]
      admin set xgame.xpawn bOldInvis True/False
      admin set xgame.xpawn binvis True/False
      admin set xgame.xpawn MaxMultiJump [amount]
      admin set xgame.xpawn bBerserk True/False
      admin set xgame.xpawn bCanDodgeDoubleJump True/False
      admin set xgame.xpawn bCanWallDodge True/False
      admin set engine.playercontroller bgodmode True/False
      admin set pawn bCollideWorld True/False
      admin set pawn bNoWeaponFiring True/False
      admin set pawn drawscale [amount]
      admin set pawn waterspeed [amount]
      admin set pawn jumpz [amount]
      admin set pawn health [amount]
      admin set pawn groundspeed [amount]
      admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=+950.000000
      admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=-950.000000
      admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo weaponberserk [amount]

    Enable/Disable weapon throwing in curent game:
      admin set xWeapons.weapon bCanThrow True/False

        admin set xWeapons.ShieldGun bCanThrow True/False
        admin set xWeapons.Translauncher bCanThrow True/False



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Thanks for posting your list of Console Commands.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:03 am 
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For Reference (And some commands are not listed above):

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Thanks GS!

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Wow! Thanks for the information and also for the link..

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Thank you for theĀ informativeĀ posts.


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Great to read informative posts such as this.

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Thanks, Helped alot.

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