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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:07 am 
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I just rented a plan for crysis3 and did some changes on the levelrotation.xml and dedicated.cfg but I wasn't able to find my server., Is there a time required for the propagation of data on the server? Or something is wrong?

Here's my levelRotation.xml

<levelRotation name="Custom" randomize = "0" includeNonPresentLevels = "1"> <!-- Name *MUST* be 'Custom' or one of the inbuilt ones - 'TDM', 'DM', 'CRASHSPEARS', 'EXTCTF', 'HUNTER', 'ASSAULT', 'CELLRBL', 'MEDLEY', DESIGNER -->
<Details name="C3 Trial-CellvsRebel" motd="Welcome to Trial for Crysis 3 Server" imageUrl="" />
<Variant name="Vanilla">

<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_museum" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_airport" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_rooftop_gardens" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_con_ed" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_canyon" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_tanker" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_bridge" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_dam" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_river" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_cave" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_swamp_boat" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />
<level name="Multiplayer/c3mp_fields" gameRules="TeamInstantAction" />



Here's my dedicated.cfg


Need anyone's help to solve my problem. Thanks in advanced. Good Day

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:01 pm 
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Hi joelc, this looks like a tough one. Were you able to find some work around here by any chance? Would be nice if you can updated this thread real quick.

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