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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:43 am 
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Medieval Engineers was re-released a few days ago, with a number of changes to the server setup and config.

The Gameservers server files were over a year old, and not working.
The control panel update 'mod' does not work: it uses Steamcmd and is couple lines of script.
The configuration file is from a previous version, and needs changes including the save paths.
The Gameservers email instructions about server setup and config values is wrong.

The first GS support, James Wong was helpful, in patching the server with an update, I puzzled out the changes to get the server running, and another patch was released. A second GS support person applied the new patch and closed the support thread I had open with James.

I have the server up and running well now (until the next patch).

I'ld be happy to detail the changes needed to get your Medieval Engineers hosting working, if GS has any interest in hosting this game (there is no forum topic for it, and the tracker service does not support ME, so there is very little information for customers to use to puzzle out the required changes, as they can't see if the the server is even live except via in game server list, or ftp'ing the log, for the state at the time of download...

I'ld like to host, and promote ME hosting here, if the setup is fixed. Having support close tickets, ignoring anything other than issues that are specifically mentioned in the pull down selections for tickets is counterproductive.

My question is the client admin for Medieval Engineers going to be fixed? Or even acknowledged?

If anyone wants a hand getting their ME to work message me, I'll be here another day or two, at least. If therre isn't any indication from GS they will fix the issues - as it's taking half a day to get an answer to tickets, I'ld prefer to work with another host if that is the GS policy for services that don't work.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:15 pm 
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A year an a half later...

I am now experiencing issues with out of date files being installed on Reinstalling to update with weekly patches. Specifically, is installing 6 old files from the 0.5 version in with the correct 0.6 files in the Content/Data/Characters directories. These being present causes a 'ghosting' effect when a player dies. This requires a manual recovery of that dead players file.

Deleting these files after a Reinstall fixes the "ghosting":


Please Maintain Gameserver's install programs! This is causing undue stress to an already tenuous alpha game community... Thank You

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