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These commands are meant to be used from the in game console. To bring this up, press the ~ key on your keyboard. If you are using a third party rcon tool, you can leave off the '/rcon' from the beginning of the command.

Before you execute any rcon command, you must use the following: (Replace yourpassword with the rcon password to your server)
/rcon login yourpassword

To get a list of players connected to your server, use the following command:
/rcon teamstatus

The player numbers returned from the above command can be used as the client ID in the below commands. This is handy if a players name contains characters you cannot type.

Player commands:
/rcon kick (username) (optional reason)
/rcon clientkick (client ID)
/rcon tempbanuser (username)
/rcon tempbanclient (client ID)
/rcon banuser (username)
/rcon banclient (client ID)

General commands
/rcon say (message)
/rcon playlist - shows available playlists

Configuration Settings:
/rcon setadmindvar sv_hostname (new hostname)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_maxPing (new maximum ping)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_minPing (new minimum ping)
/rcon setadmindvar playlist (new playlist number)
/rcon setadmindvar sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_array map mp_cairo ... " (replace tdm and map names as you like)
/rcon setadmindvar scr_motd "Message of the day!"

You can change a number of settings related to gameplay by using the setadmindvar command. For a full list of available varaibles, see the 'default.cfg' file that comes with the official rcon client. The general syntax to change a variable is:
/rcon setadmindvar variable_name new_value
/rcon map (map_name)
Map names are:
mp_Firing Range
mp_Russian Base
/rcon map_rotate (move to next map)

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